Botox injection treatments have long been used by physicians and registered nurses as an off-label method of reshaping the jawline. The trend all began in Korea, where the first studies were conducted for this usage because of the social demand for softer, less angular jawlines, particularly in females. Without knives, general anesthesia or long and painful recovery periods, Botox jaw reduction can reshape the jawline in a treatment that takes just a few minutes, with results appearing in a few days. Here's how.

Botox for Jawline Reshaping

Whether for wrinkle reduction or jawline reshaping, Botox works in much the same way: by introducing the key ingredient, botulinum toxin protein, into the targeted muscle. Doing so blocks transmissions sent from the nervous system to the muscles, which in turn relaxes the muscles and the skin overlying them. This is the premise of all types of Botox treatments.

In jawline reshaping, Botox works in the same way. In this treatment, the masseter muscle group located in the jaw is targeted by injections. By relaxing the masseter muscles, they can no longer become larger in size (as all muscles do with repetitive stress). Relaxation allows the muscles to get smaller, and voila - the appearance of the jawline becomes softer and less angular and pronounced. Patients generally require a series of injections to obtain the best results, and maintenance treatments may be required.

No Surgery Needed

Botox is now a viable non-invasive alternative to the surgical route, where the jaw is cut open and the bones are reshaped (in one type of jawline reshaping surgery). However, it is important to note that this treatment can only reshape larger, angular jawlines to make them appear softer and more feminine. Botox cannot reshape the jawline to make it more pronounced or entirely different.

Treatment has become popular because the list of risks and side effects related to intensive surgery is entirely avoided, although a different set of risks and side effects related to injection exist in its place which can be far less threatening. These include swelling, bruising and muscle weakness, which are all deemed temporary.

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