All of us have bad habits that we know we shouldn’t be doing but we do them anyway. Or, more accurately, we have a list of things we should be doing but we aren’t doing them!

You know the ones I’m talking about – regular visits to the gym, a healthy diet, dealing with an awkward customer or staff member, spending quality time with the family. Whatever the reason, we often stand in our own way of living a truly amazing and rewarding life.

Here’s an effective way to change bad habits into successful habits that will have a powerful impact on your life for the better!

Successful people have adopted good habits that continue to move them forward in a positive manner in both their personal and business lives. Fortunately, success leaves clues. Identifying the steps that other successful people have taken to improve their lives, and you’ll discover how to enjoy the same outstanding results.

Check out this easy two step process to help you turn your bad habits into good ones:

Step One
Take a good look at the bad habits that are holding you back. This might be an education in the obvious! Make a list of all the habits that keep you unproductive. Here are some common examples of bad habits that prevent our success:

• Poor communication
• Lack of clarity of expectations
• Not attending to paperwork
• Working long days with no exercise and poor eating habits
• Having your cell phone on all the time
• Procrastinating
• Lack of sleep and healthy life choices

Choose an accountability partner, like a coach or a positive mentor, to help you transition from bad habits to successful habits. Make sure you work with someone who will call you out when needed and keep you accountable.

Step Two
Identify a role model or someone who is living a lifestyle you want. Take them out for lunch and ask them good, pre-planned questions about their routine. What clubs or networking events do they attend? How do they schedule their time? What is their daily routine? Listen well and take notes because this will be your blueprint for adapting successful habits. So, ask away!

Truly successful people welcome the opportunity to help those who want to help themselves, so don’t hesitate to make contact as soon as you can!

You’ll also find lots of great advice and powerful ideas to implement by reading autobiographies of successful people. For example, you’ll find excellent advice in the following books:
The GE Way by Jack Welch
The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey
The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield

Your decision to change bad habits to successful habits will be the most defining decision of your life, so chose wisely!

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