We are conditioned by society, family and anyone we believe is an authority on what is and isn't proper and possible. More rules than we can consciously remember are laid upon us through Beliefs and Stories (BS) constantly throughout our entire lives. Most of the time we aren't even conscious of this subtle programming.

Our limitations and capabilities are told through our Beliefs and Stories about ourselves and our world. All individuals are equally capable and entitled in life, the only thing that distinguishes us from each other are our Beliefs and Stories.

What do your Beliefs and Stories tell about you? How are they directing your life?

Let's explore some common Beliefs & Stories, recognize your reactions and feelings.

Money is the root of all evil.
It takes money to make money.
You have to work hard to get ahead.
You better make it before your 30.
Nice people finish last.
I'm not worthy.
Life is Hard.
Life is a Game.
Relationships are easy and fun.
I don't have a Choice.
I always have a Choice.
Life is hard.
Life is easy.
The world is a beautiful safe place, where I can experience whatever I desire.

What did you feel as you read each phrase?

None of the above statements is inherently true of false.

Your automatic reactions to the above phrases are a mirror of how you approach and create your life.

You cannot have a feeling without a Belief and Story creating it.

Are you willing to realize that your feelings and experiences are created by your Beliefs and Stories and that your Beliefs and Stories are not absolute truths.

When a person can recognize that there is no ultimate truth and that what they believe is a truth, is just a belief; the easier it is to move from feeling like a victim without control, to someone that can deliberately direct their life.

Your feelings are the compass pointing to what your underlying beliefs are. If you want to change how you feel and experience life, change what you believe.

If your beliefs do not reflect the person and life you'd like, are you willing to change them?

"I'm not who I think I am; I only experience Life through who I think I am."

Change Your B.S. Change Your Life

Author's Bio: 

Steve Dahl has traveled the world exploring cultures and beliefs, facilitating discussion groups, exploring consciousness and enlightenment.
Steve is also a certified Life Coach, specializing in relationships and business.