In my last blog post, Sleep Time is Realignment -of- Energies Time, I talked about one of my most effective strategies I use to keep my energy aligned so that I am able to stay consistent with what I want to attract to me.

Another strategy I use that I again borrow from Abraham-Hicks is the Upstream Downstream process.

The way it works is that any time you have a thought that is resistant to what you want, you are going Upstream, but when you reverse the thought and get to a better-feeling feeling, you’re turning your oar in the stream in the opposite direction and you start going Downstream, which is what you want because then you are no longer resisting and your desire can easily flow to you.

Remember, everything you want is really 2 subjects: wanting it and not wanting it, or resisting it.

Let’s use weight as an example because this is such a big topic for so many people and what I teach. Weight loss is multi-faceted no doubt, but just a change in your vibration can make all the difference when it comes to losing weight.

How many times have you had thoughts like, “I look so fat!” Or, “I’m afraid to try my clothes on because they might not fit,“ or, “I don’t want to look in the mirror because I’m so ashamed and embarrassed by how I look.”

If you’re like most people, you’re answer would be “often.”

When I’m working with a client on weight loss, this is the first place we go because it’s much less about the food than it is their feelings.

Now, the first thing you need to do here is become aware of what thoughts you’re having about food, your body, your weight, and your image. Because one you do, you’re much more cognizant of what you’re saying to yourself inside when you’re eating, getting dressed, or just moving about, and that’s very important because that’s what needs to shift in order for weight loss to occur.

If you take action before you align your energy, you won’t see results, no matter how hard you work.

So when you have a thought such as, “I look so fat,” it’s ok if you keep going Upstream for a minute or so because you’re used to doing that, and you might follow that up with another like thought like, “I have no willpower,” “I’m a weakling when it comes to food,” or I’m so ashamed of myself.”

But what you want to start doing once you get all those resistant thoughts out is begin to move in the opposite direction, which would look something like this:

Right now I’m not at my ideal weight because I’m in the process of re-learning how to be in tune with my body.
When I was growing up I was influenced in a way that made me think these things about my body so therefore it makes sense I would still think this today because I haven’t worked on my emotional intelligence before now.
If I choose to eat that cake, I know it’s not the cake itself that is making me fat but it’s actually my thoughts, and while I can’t change my weight in this moment, I can change the thoughts I attach to the food.
Cake tastes good to me so I’m going to enjoy it instead of punishing myself for having it.
It’s only one piece of cake, which I don’t eat all the time anyways, so in the overall scheme of things, it’s really no big deal.
It certainly tastes delicious.
It’s just a tiny piece of cake and I can have some now and some later.
Eating cake every so often brings me pleasure.
My body likes it.
I have a sweet taste bud so physiologically, I will always crave sweet, and there’s no need to worry about what it’s doing to me when I eat it.

Doesn’t that feel better?

Let’s take another example. You see a thin person eating cake, and you immediately feel envy. You start to think:

It’s not fair that she can eat cake and be thin and I can’t.
She must have a really high metabolism.
Why was I born with the fat gene but she wasn’t?
I hate thin people.

Can you guess which direction those thoughts are going in? If you guessed Upstream, you’d be correct.

Now let’s go Downstream.

I look forward to the day that my body is thin too and when I eat cake, I don’t think twice about it.
Being thin feels good to me, and makes me happy.
I don’t know what her thoughts are about eating cake but whatever they are they’re working.
She doesn’t seem to care too much that the cake will make her gain weight, so maybe she’s onto something I should pay attention to.
I could learn from her.
I anticipate my body transforming into the naturally thin person I know I am.

Do you see the difference? You feel better when you go Downstream. That’s the shift in your vibration that you’re looking for. When you go Upstream, your emotions tend to be angry, blaming, envious, fearful and worried, which are all resistant to what you’re trying to accomplish.

Eventually, in time, when you consistently adjust your vibration Downstream, you’ll not only start to do it unconsciously, but you’ll achieve your weight loss goal, because you have to. It’s Law. I covered this topic in more in my Livestream event How to Keep Your Energy Aligned So That You Stop Focusing on Fear and Start Living From A Non-Fear Based Reality.

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Angela is passionate about helping clients forge a renewed relationship with their bodies so that they build trust in knowing that they are their own expert. She offers private and group health coaching to clients worldwide and is also a lecturer, blogger, and freelance holistic health writer.

She holds a BA in English from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, and was trained as a Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City as well as a Natural Health Practitioner at The National Association of Certified Natural Health Practitioners, is a Functional Digestive Health Specialist through Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition and a Certified Mind-Body Nutrition Coach through The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.