Everyone is born with the potential to be innovative, but I bet you're now thinking ‘nope, not me'. If you are indeed thinking that, then the chances are that you know someone who is highly creative and innovative, full of ideas, with the creativity to realize them. If you slow down and keep a positive attitude, you can do it too.

There are stages you go through when you learn, even from riding a bike or playing the wrong note on the piano, and it can seem to take forever but you know it will happen in the end. Innovation's a bit like that, too. Practice will build the necessary neural pathways and keep them open, and here's a few ways that you can build them.

Listening to what other people say will only set you back. Do what you want, in your own time. People will only be likely to point out negatives instead of encouraging you. Think of the geniuses that you know of from History. They went it alone, often against popular opinion and even religion. And thank goodness they did, as without them you wouldn't even be reading this.

Be prepared to put time and effort into it. This is very important, but I should also follow by saying don't let this time be used at the detriment of other important parts of your life, such as your job! Manage your time well and figure out where you can spare some to find your innovative self.

Don't spend a fortune on the latest technology to help you with your craft, or the best make of tools, paint, or whatever medium you are working in. It's pointless and detracts from the whole point of using your natural abilities. A true artist can make something out of nothing.

The thing about inspiration is that when you search for it, like a naughty child it refuses to be found. Ignore it, though and cease to think about it and like a child, it will appear. However, the odds are that it will strike whilst you're driving, don't have a pen handy, or when you're on the phone to your mother. The moral of the story? Keep a pad of paper and a pen in your pocket.

Hopefully, what has been written here will help you open yourself up to the idea and possibility of the innovative you. Innovation is strictly for the individual, so don't involve anyone else, this will only stifle it. Keep at it however, and you will soon begin to be noticed for what you can do.

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