Change your LIFE… change your JOB...

Changing jobs can be an overwhelming task, particularly when you don't know what lies ahead of you. The fear of the unknown coupled with not knowing where to start, often stops prospective jobseekers from even venturing on the path that will lead to success.

Taking the plunge and making the change involves taking the following steps:
1.What is it that you truly want?
Before you can even start thinking about changing your Job/career you need to get to know yourself. Think about what job/career you want to have, you first have to identify those activities that make you feel alive, the subjects you love, you’re strengths, the environments you thrive in and what is most important to you. For a moment you need to focus on LIFE and what you WANT. This is probably the most important step and needs some serious consideration. Merely changing jobs can lead to a perpetuation of all the past problems.
Take a moment and consider:
What is at stake when you change your job/career?
What is possible when you do CHANGE?
How will you know you have the job/career that you want?
What will happen when you have it?

2. Exploring your options
Once you have got a pretty clear picture of what you really, really want, it's time to figure out what careers suit you best, based on what makes YOU come alive.
Take a moment and consider:
What resources, skills and knowledge do you already have available to make the change and get the job that you want?

3. Making the Change
What are you going to do to begin now to make the change and get the job that you want? Once you have worked out what new career you want to change into, it is all about working out how you are going to make the change, creating a plan and sticking to it.
Take a moment and consider:
When and where do you want to make the change?
What is the next smallest step you can take to move towards having the job/career that you want?

You CAN have the JOB/CAREER you want by starting NOW to think of how your life will be different when you make the change.

Author's Bio: 

With close to 20 years of recruitment experience, placing hundreds people and interviewing thousands of jobseekers, I have come to realise how many people are stressed out, depressed, miserable or stuck and powerless in their jobs. It is my intention to offer you affordable career coaching utilising effective NLP techniques backed up by years of industry experience. The focus is transformation of your life, through effective coaching getting to know what you want and gaining confidence to go for it.