To retain your working place is a nice thing but only if this job gives you joy and really answers to your requirements. If you don’t feel content having that type of job, the answer is easy, find new job. Firstly it could seem complicated, you could be left out of money, but think again, you have just one life on disposal, so use it efficiently - everyone has the right to feel positive about him self and the things that he does. All the time there is a possibility that the future working place wouldn’t be the best working place in the world, but at least you’ll know that you’ve tried and you’ll have knowledge in your life summary. After all, you have not left behind something worth; it was just your horrible job. The best time to begin this career ‘makeover games’ is right now!

Before all else make an “Idea Rota” of all the things that make you happy, list out your special interests. That would look for example like this: I like gardening, cooking Chinese meals, reading short stories, running by the sea, traveling in many states… List out the things you are skillful in as well – for e.g. subjects you were talented in in high school, and continue with free-form items of things you like doing, no by definition in the form of careers or job definitions. Order the rota to keep the ideas you are fond of most at the top.

Outline your aims by significance and think long-term. Making capital is substantial one, but involve aims as working with animals, reducing anxiety, functioning with your hands, getting a month off every year to pay a visit to your home country…

Analyze the Idea Rota and the Goal Rota side by side. Throw out the things that doesn’t meet plenty of your aims and make a shorter rota of ideas, perhaps 6 or less. Then turn up with a career or job for each of the ideas on your short rota.

Future step is to analyze how much time do you necessitate to educate your self in every of these areas. Throw out those careers for which the preparation time or cost is impossibly high.

Picture how your life will be in afterward if you have the wanted working place. Will you still enjoy it a few years from now? Apply a pair of weeks to write a novel for example and try to publish it. Also you should contact people that work that working place, search on internet how to begin…

The last step is the decision, what do you believe that would be the most excellent career for you. Write down the positive and the negative sides of the job and the causes why you made this conclusion – it will be helpful in afterward if you start questioning about your choice.

Always have another idea if things don't work out particularly the way you're planning them.

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Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.