When you are just starting out, there can be a lot of fear about where money is going to come from and how you’ll find clients. I understand this because back in the beginning, I lived through it too. So I went back and documented everything I did that worked and created the Quick Start Guide.

One of the gems in that start up program is to write a congratulatory card to yourself about how much money you want to earn each month, the number of clients you need and how you’ll feel when this happens.

I recommend crafting a few positive statements about what you want to happen, but make sure you write everything in present tense so it sounds like you are living it right now. Then type this on your computer in a font that looks script-like, as if it’s someone else’s handwriting. Don’t skip this step because it does make a difference to receive a card that’s not in your own handwriting. Then paste it in a card, put it in an envelope, address it to yourself and mail it.

The mindset shift from receiving this card can be tremendous. Imagine opening a card right now that congratulates you for achieving your monthly goal and reminds you how great you feel about this reality. Feels good doesn’t it? Once received, put the card in plain sight on a bulletin board or your desk. Or carry the card with you so if you’re out of the office a lot, you can still look at it. You want to look at this daily to help you make the positive mind shift you seek.

The idea is that this card is positive evidence of your success. It’s a powerful tool to help you focus and believe to shift your mindset from feeling fearful to feeling successful.

Here’s what one client said about her experience with doing this exercise, “I sent myself two cards and I loved receiving them…The next day I had two clients that signed up…Wow, money is just coming in the door.”

The power of using visual representation for your goals to create a mindset shift is truly remarkable. Writing and sending a card to yourself can help you start to feel like the success you desire.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
Have you decided what your immediate goals are? Now is the time! Imagine that you have set and achieved your first set of goals. How does that feel? What will it be like when your initial dream becomes your reality? Capture that feeling in a few statements and then put them on a card and send it out. Review this card often so you can feel it, believe and know the truth in those statements. You’ll find the mindset shift is just what you need to stay positive and be open to opportunities.

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