Take a moment to consider how your day flows along with seemingly little effort when you wake up in a good mood. Conversely, on those mornings when you awaken with a rough start, things can sometimes seem to spiral from one undesired event to the next. Is this just coincidence? Are the events of your day, whether perceived as positive or negative, preordained somehow? Or is a positive outlook a choice we make on a day to day basis which, rather than influencing the events of our life, determines how we choose to perceive said events?

Thankfully, modern beliefs are beginning to move toward a more intentional way of thinking … of being. I say “thankfully” as a matter of opinion, as there is also a mind-set among us that takes some comfort in the belief that life’s circumstances are “out of our hands.” This is merely an excuse for inaction, however, which, in some cases, has been instilled in us from a very early age and, therefore, can be a tough belief to change. But when you start living intentionally, you take back personal control over your own circumstances; your own life’s events. And regardless of what beliefs you may have picked up along life’s erroneous path, it’s never too late to embrace your inner power, to adopt a positive outlook, and to start influencing the events of your life in a forward direction toward your desires.

Even the scientific world is beginning to acknowledge the power we hold within our own thoughts. Did you know that a positive thought actually emits a different frequency than a negative one? It’s no wonder then that, when you are thinking positive thoughts, you feel good. The flip side would naturally be that thinking negative thoughts makes us feel, well, bad. So here, then, is the question that must be considered. All things being equal – same situation, same events, same boss, same rush hour traffic – how do you want to feel as you go about your day? You see, a person with a positive outlook can experience the very same events in his or her life as someone with a negative or indifferent outlook, yet feel completely differently about them; have a completely different reaction to them. Two people can find themselves in the very same, difficult situation, only one continues to be happy in spite of the circumstances while the other becomes mired in them. And the difference is so simple – one person has made the conscious decision to maintain a positive outlook, regardless of the circumstance.

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Kristy K. Taylor is a Health Science Professor, author, and founder of Kid Medic, L.L.C. She is the author of the children’s book: “Mrs. Garcia’s Class Visits the Hospital.”. In addition, Kristy is the host of the Kristy Public Service Announcement Radio Show, which seeks to educate, motivate, and extenuate the positive. For more information about Kristy K. Taylor log on to www.kpsaradio.com or www.kidmedic.com.