Do you remember that movie called “Stranger Than Fiction” starring Will Farrell and Emma Thompson? In it, the main character begins to hear an author in his head narrating his life. He eventually realizes she is writing a story in which he, the main character, will die in the end. So, he sets out to find her and change the ending. It’s a fun and thoughtful movie.

The truth is, the only one in your head telling your story is you. If your life isn’t going the way you’d like, the change agent you need may be in the story you’re telling, perhaps without realizing it. The law of attraction states that we attract to us what we put our attention, energy and focus on. We are a vibrational match to our story. So, if you’re telling a story of hardship, loneliness, etc., you’ll attract more of that. If you tell a story of ease, abundance, love—you’ll attract more of that.

Become aware of the story you tell. A conscious creator will notice the story she’s telling about any situation, and if it doesn’t feel good, she’ll change it right away. I caught myself in quite a story recently. It’s a story I tell to myself about my relationship with the technology I need to carry on my business. Here’s what I was telling, as I was setting up some new tech:

"New tech is always hard for me. Something always goes wrong and I feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the delay while I try to learn it and put it into place. I often don’t even know enough to know how to get the help I need. And—I’ve made bad choices around the programs I’ve purchased in the past that have cost me both time and money. I’m afraid of that happening again. And then, I’m not sure I can trust it all to work right. There are so many steps and so many pieces to integrate to get it all working properly! I really don’t like having to do this part of my business."

So, guess what? I ran into some snags, even though this software is easier by far than what I had in the past. In my frustration and angst, I realized needed to step back from the issue and went into another room to put my feet up and breathe. And then it hit me. I was telling this story based on my past. I needed to turn this around! So here is what I shifted to:

"My past is not an indictor of my future. Just because it was true before and appears true now, doesn’t mean it has to keep on being the truth. I’ve learned a lot and made progress. I can give myself permission to take the time I need to learn—that is never a waste of time. I have a plan for proceeding and I can get support. This company has great support—I’ve already experienced that. My husband is great at understanding how to talk to support people if I have trouble explaining my needs or understanding their answers. Look at all the help I have! I CAN do this and it will feel so good when I have it in place. This can be easy. I can feel great right now, and enjoy the learning process. I’ve already learned so much! As I enjoy it more the easier it gets and the quicker it falls into place."

Ahhhh! So much better!

Everything is energy and we are the energetic creators of our lives. If you find yourself telling a story you don’t like—replace it with one that feels better. At first you may find it hard to switch gears because Law of Attraction will be bringing you more of the same of what you have been thinking—that’s what it does. It matches vibration. So, intend to make the change by looking for positive aspects. It may feel a bit hard to get rolling, but you want to consciously choose to create momentum in a new direction. Once you can do that for 17 seconds, it gets easier and momentum starts to shift. After 68 seconds the momentum has built up to the point of being able to keep rolling in the "feel good" direction and your point of attraction has changed. Not long at all!

Set an intention to be aware of your story and choose your own ending!

Oh, and my new tech? The support team was really great, got to my issue really fast (within 20 minutes!) and all is well.

Author's Bio: 

Estra Roell is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, certified Life Purpose Coach, Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator and Happiness Generator Facilitator. She's known as America's Life Purpose Coach™. Estra helps clients get in touch with their passions and purpose and assists them to uncover and remove any blockages or old patterns that may be holding them back from living a life of joy, purpose and abundance. Estra is also a co-author of the books "101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career" and "How to Create a Rich, Successful and Fulfilling Life." Visit her website at to receive her free report on "Visioning Your Purpose and Heading Toward it Today.” Connect on Facebook at