What type of stories do you tell yourself about succeding at something? Do you tell a self limiting story?

Many times when we are faced with a particular decision in life, the kind of stories we tell ourselves determine what you get. If you are one of those who come with stories of why you can not be successful at a particular thing, then you are in for a big show.

How do i mean?

A young man from a poor family came to the city to find some work to do. But each time he sets out for job he always says this; "God just let me get any job." And you know what happens. He always get what he bargains for, just any job.Jobs that always take away his joy and success in life. Do you know why? I think you know by now, that is the success story he tells himself.

What is your your story?Maybe you don't know it yet, there is this common story people tell themselves especially when there in financial trouble. Let me paint you a real mental picture.

Imagine you are owing some amount of money and now your lender asked you to pay up in just 3days or face a harsh consequences. What happens, you come up with a particular story. If i can just get money to pay up this loan.And out of no where you miraculously pay up the loan. Then what happens after that you go broke. Do you know why? The story you tell yourself!

The day you change your line of thought, the type of story you tell yourself. Change your story and you change your life. Each time you are faced with a dauting task, think beyound the ordinary, paint a better picture, tell a better story of ' I Can' not of "I Can't" of positivity not negativity.

Author's Bio: 

Joy Akinlolu is a motivational speaker. A professional success coach, founder of Jacey Ally Integrated Services and owner of inspire fm.