Reflect on some of the big life changes you have transitioned during your life. Some may have been rights of passage such as moving up from elementary school to middle and then high school or your first sleep over. This could include leaving home for college or military service, getting married or becoming a parent yourself.

Do you remember if you felt any anxiety about the change and more specifically what it was about the change that had you felling unsettled? This reflection is beneficial because you can apply what you know about yourself to what is presenting in your life now as a place you want support in a transition.

Sometimes we can resist quite strongly to change, but it is the change that we are putting off, that will really propel us to our happy place. This could include changing habits that will increase our health and energy or change the people we allow into our life as we advocate for ourselves and set better boundaries.

Acknowledge what you have created in your life, what you want to create and the power you hold to do each of these things. Author Louise Hay talks about the lessons we can learn just through having a keen awareness about "what is" right now. She asks us to noodle through our:

* Assumptions: "It would not do any good anyway...."
* Beliefs: "That wouldn't be spiritual or I'm not that kind of person..."
* Them: "God doesn't approve...It's all their fault...You don't understand..."
* Self Concepts: " I am too old...too poor.....too serious.....

When you examine these things, you can decide if you are ready to change something. Louise points out that these ideas we come up with are little more than excuses or tactics to delay doing something. Somehow we think it gets us off the hook for changing. Sure we may be scared or in unfamiliar territory but that is what makes the payoff so wildly exciting. We may prefer to settle and even suffer in familiar than step out--even when we know it will be so much better when we do.

Just notice what belief or fear may be holding you back from owning your gifts, letting go of a relationship that is unhealthy for you, or a limiting belief that you have imposed on yourself that stifles your joy and success and then..... change something.

Author's Bio: 

Rena Reese, MS is an author, speaker and radio host, as well as founder of Soul Salon International. With a Masters degree in counseling from Johns Hopkins University and Life Coach Training from the Coaches Training Institute, Rena is a professional speaker who addresses both adults and youth. In her latest book, The Soul Salon, readers enjoy what would equate to a year of personal life coaching as they learn about the path to awakening & bliss, living in alignment and enjoying a life of purpose. For more information about her books or speaking, visit