When asked the question “What type of music do you like?”, many people respond “All kinds” because it often depends on mood. Happy moods can call for celebration music, love songs and prayer. On the other hand, dark moods often reject messages of peace, love and justice, recoiling in fear and separation.

Places of worship, education, employment and association commission custom-designed songs that reflect values, beliefs and calls for action, specific to the group. Industry has studied the ability of music to persuade and influence for decades and become proficient at its marketing uses. Many mothers’ monitor changes in music listening choices as a sign of society influences that may call for parental intervention. Music matters.

Conscious selection of music is a useful tool for personal growth because the message circumvents the rational mind, reaching the sub-conscious for immediate acceptance. Although the study of this science is beyond the scope of this article, watch an introductory video about it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfYeXanfLb0.

People who actively choose music with lyrics that support and reinforce thoughts contributing to success have an advantage over others. If the music is good, listening is fun and easy, often changing moods, influencing opinion and inciting action instantly. Many people listen to and sing along with music for relaxation, exercise, social interaction and fellowship. Regularly listening to consciously selected music supports intentional thinking, leading to life-changing behavior. The emerging “Positive Music” genre includes a wide variety of musicians dedicated to entertaining people with songs to co-create a better world.

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"Change Your Life By Changing Your Mind – with Music" is written by Rosemarie Ashley, aka 'tude vox Ro, of Gen-Ray Records. Rosemarie is a lyricist and recording artist whose career evolved out of disconnect and dissatisfaction with status quo. Gen-Ray Records produces radio-quality music, addressing real, raw emotion in a variety of popular styles with lyrics to consciously reprogram thoughts for personal and spiritual growth. Listen to music by 'tude vox FREE at www.SassyAlternativeMusic.com/Downloads.