For the past few months, I've noticed that certain things around me have changed. It’s both the environment and the people. The reason is, my vibes aren't the same as it was before this.

It’s amazing how these things come into action if you really take notice the changes over time. Let me give you an example. I used to have friends who create dramas for the simplest things that happen. It's just annoying to look at people who create dramas and overreact over something simple. That's just stupid. If you know that it’s something that's not worth the time to make a big fuss about, then don't. Let it be.

These friends of mine, or shall I say used to be my friends, were all the same age as me. But I could see this clearly, my maturity level was different from theirs. I'm saying this because the way I looked at the stuff that happened around me at that point of time was different from how they looked at it.

An example would be this, when I was 16, I sat for my final exam. Unfortunately the result that came out was not what I expected. So I took this failure as a lesson. But my friends took it seriously and they were making a big fuss about it. I was a bit disappointed too because I didn't fulfill my parents expectations. But that didn't stop me from moving forward. I re-sat for the exam and the result were okay to me. That got me to enter college.

Throughout the process, the environment around me changed. I was introduced to Elango Thiyagu (, the author of the book called the Seven Basic Laws of Nature ( and he is just amazing. The way he handles people and explain each one of the Laws in detail was mind blowing. I wasn't aware of these laws but now I could see them clearly how they come in action in each and every situation.

Coming back to my flashback story, my dramatic friends started to avoid me and to a certain extent, I was relieved to know that I don't have to be involved in the dramas that they create.

Another incident took place as this happened. My parents are strict when it comes to going out and coming back at late night. So when I joined Ascendance, we had and we still do have Coffee with ET, a talk show with the author himself where we discuss awesome topics and get Elango's experience and what he's got to say about it. So it roughly ends around 9.30. My parents scolded me so here's what I did. I brought them to one of the talk show and after that they don't question me any more. They understood what I'm doing currently and they support me. I noticed the vibes have changed which is a good thing.

Here’s one thing that made me realized that our vibes changes according to the environment that we are in. If you're surrounded with people who are depressed eventually you'll get depressed because their vibes are too strong. Similarly, if you are surrounded with successful people, their vibes will affect you and you'll find yourself growing. Being in the right environment with the right people does matters. So choose the right people and environment that can help you to achieve your goals.


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