After researching and considering a fair amount of history, I am personally convinced that 98% of us “youngsters,” and the truly young, possess within our minds and hearts, two very basic ambitions---first is the yearning to survive - and the second aspiration is to enjoy at least a few minutes of happiness each day.
A major impediment for most of us are the everyday petty problems that arise, a relationship enigma, and believing the advertisements which bombast us 24 hours a day from tv, radio, billboards, computers, magazines, and every method big business can imagine. Our minds are hammered constantly until the majority of us are left with the impression that if we fail to dive deep into debt, go to a college, purchase an expensive igloo, sign our lives away for a couple of costly transportation machines (vehicles), get married, pump out a nest of “wee ones”, owe for the finest sound system, and depending on whether your gender is male or female, look like Helen of Troy, or Adonis. Dang, talk about peer pressure!
According to the commercials, if we malfunction in any of those areas, we are a big blob of no-nothings, no one will visit us, and we are therefore lesser life forms. Naturally, they don’t explain that we will have to, toil, sweat, cry, stress out, and wonder what happened over the next 40(average) years (83,200 hours of work) in order to hopefully pay it all off.
Well, since I just happen to have made the silly and ill-logical decision to fork over a few pesos for a mirror that doesn’t lie to me, I figured looking anywhere similar to Adonis was completely out of the question. Also, after slaving away at full-time and part-time positions for years, and worrying about what others thought of me, I finally woke up and realized, outside of loved ones and some friends, no one was thinking of me at ego went right down the drain!
After tunneling a large cavity (thinking about) into my past existence, it dawned on me I owned almost nothing—the mortgage company laid claim to my tepee, the bank owned my vehicle, and the credit card companies owned everything else..... even the insurance companies had shoved their fingers into my pie! That awakening was not pleasant! Plus, thanks to cell phones, computers, and a host of other modern do-dads, the companies I was traveling for, (away from my family) would contact me, and in a tactful (or otherwise) manner, lay on the proverbial pressure. Of course, I would ingest their heaping-helping bowls of cow dung, owing to the fact I had a family, and a huge cluster of non-entities (debts) to feed. As soon as my neurons received the message, it wasn’t long until they decided that, on big business and the government’s “prestige meter” 98% of us register somewhere in the basement of the ocean, where all the whale “leftovers” filter down---to them, we are NANO-RATS!
NANO-RATS? If you are some of the lucky dudes or dudettes who reside in the countryside, please make a temporary excursion to the nearest conglomeration (city), with the main objective of viewing “rush hour” traffic---and there we are, NANO-RATS, an assemblage of mobile NANO-RATS (small folk), scarring and scampering from one hoosegow (home), to another penal colony (work), because we haven’t lost our faith in all those advertisements
The chief reason home is usually a calaboose is the price we must pay for successfully completing our personal goal of enjoying ____________ (you fill in the blank), which we thought was reasonably rational at the time---however; after some sober rationalization, we are no longer certain. Other elements of our new found doubts are a mortgage, loans, credit cards, insurance, taxes, and other debts of our mortality and cravings. Also, for some of us, we are sure the love, excitement, and satisfaction of (the blank space above), has dissolved and spiraled down the same tube as my ego.
If that is the plight, cheer up....if you truly loved each other at first, the male just forgot how to inscribe love notes (she doesn’t care how stupid they are), and how to pick some of the neighbor’s flowers. The female just had a memory lapse as to what attracted the beast in the first place, and no longer “flashes” him; nor does she phone him, and coo some sweet nothings in his ear, such as: “I sure would like for you to __________________(you fill in the blank space), when you get home. Of course the debt remains, but for a while, neither of you give a dang! A culminating after-effect is we are communicating in a language we both understand---now, we can relax and converse intelligently about how to solve the account’s payable puzzle.
Our jobs are ordinarily a temporary detention camp, in which we incarcerate ourselves, also for varied reasons. Per example; some of us slave away in a work environment where some mugwump has the authority to tell us when we can take a few minutes break-time, cram down some vittles, and relieve the pressure in the lower back portion of our cramped anatomies...even though Mother Nature neither gives a dang about our work schedule, nor the mugwump. She only knows we are going to do what she wants us to do, when she wants us to do it, and since she gave us the ability to do it in the first place, we better not put off doing it too long, or she is going to put us up (or down) in the hospital—or worse! Another goodie on the list is if the boss’s offspring needs a position, it won’t matter what floor we are on, our personal berth at the office just flew out the window, whether it was open or not.
Further more; we have to beg the good lord not to let upper management abscond with the retirement funds —it’s too tempting! If they raid the fund, all they have to do is set aside $10 million for the lawyers, $10 million for the government, and the balance of $10 million is way will they see jail time.
But let one of us heist $50.00 of groceries for our families, and see how far up the proverbial creek we go. Then; there’s always the potentiality of the company engaging a management consulting firm, who decides we are performing our job so well, they can easily add more work, or we are no longer needed, and add our work to someone else. And if we have the audacity to trust we are going to receive an increase in pay before upper management pays off their yachts, we need to revamp our logical processes.
Something has to change---right? Wrong! We have to change---which, by the way, can be a wonderful, mind-opening experience. To modify and improve our lives, we are obliged by reality, to enlighten our minds, develop our biological encasements, exercise our imaginations, chronicle what is most important in our individual lives, and put it all in perspective, because, for at least most of us, life is 90% crap-shoot and 10% what we make it…instead of the reverse! Why not endeavor to make it what you want????

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