I had a lot of stuff going through my mind today as my head has begun to clear up after three weeks of fatigue – the heavy weight of Saturn’s transit through Libra, my ascendant). Just by looking at the news in the world, or seeing what’s happening in our lives… speaks many languages, but in this case I’m speaking of astrology… the cosmic influences of heaven over earth. As above, so below. As Pluto continues his travel through Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) for many more years to come, we are experiencing a very changing world. Whatever may have been solid (or at least seemed solid) in our life, has been slowly deteriorating – unless we have dedicated ourselves to taking care of it, to increase it’s value. With Saturn retrograde (discipline and responsibilities) as of this past Wednesday, we have the next few month’s ahead to re-address what has been weakening, decaying, and not working for us anymore. If we do not tackle it, Pluto will, for he is the terminator who is out to destroy weak spots, toxins, that are unhealthy and leading us away from our true path. To heal and become whole, sickness and defects must be disinfected and sterilized.

As Saturn transits through Libra, our relationships with others (professional, personal, romantic, family, sibling, co-workers, enemies, etc) will be under Pluto’s microscope. Saturn is father time, and as he retrogrades, we are given the opportunity to re-inspect and rebuild faulty standards, in a certain amount of time. Otherwise, we leave it up for deterioration, with Pluto in charge. Mars in Aquarius wants us to behave as the bigger person, to communicate intellectually, to solve the mystery puzzle, and to see the bigger picture for solutions.

To understand Pluto’s job (digging up the dirt, and taking away the grime) through Saturn and Capricorn (structures, fundamentals, institutions), we can connect with what’s been happening publicly in the media as a few examples, as Saturn/Capricorn rule these areas to be affected: what we idolize, reputations (Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods who are both Capricorns in the news), work, careers (news of unemployment and loss of jobs), effects on largely public figures (Ben Roethlisberger, Oprah Winfrey news), ancestry, hierarchy (religion, priests), dedication, loyalty (John and Elizabeth Edwards), schools, education (failing grades, demands on teachers), our fathers & forefathers (American Chopper feud), the dominating parent, big businesses, big money (credit card companies, banks, big debt, automobiles), governments, materialism, greed, families, property and homes (real estate), our savings, power (nuclear products, U.S. losing status to other countries), farms (tainted food), manufacturing (tainted products), tradition, our trees and rooting system, conservation (hoarders), reservation, how we climb up the ladder, retirement, protection, safety (watching over our family, taking better care of our kids) future preparation, savings for a rainy day, investing in home, healthy aging (diabetes, obesity, depression), seniors (alzheimer’s, medicare, insurances, baby boomers retiring and the impact it will make), inheritances (401k’s and social security), wealth (stock market), resources, our country and the men who protect it (war, police force, fireman losing jobs), honor and respect, making better choices (vs careless spending), mother earth (earthquakes, earth storms).

What have you seen in the news, or perhaps in your life… and what can we expect? What we’ve ignored, or left uncovered and in the dark is revealed, as a way toward healing. What we think brings us happiness and security (in the form of material things or power) will change, if we are not whole, and realistic about what is genuine and important in our life. As secrets are disclosed, we come face to face with the skeletons in our closers, our ‘power’ is confronted by our weakness, the devil challenges the angel, lies duel it out with the truth, as our struggle with inner demons distort the face that we choose to show the world. Reality. Truth. Without these two powers, how do we know if the path we lead will be long lasting? How do we know what our true purpose is? But maybe you’ve seen things unsettling in your life, that bring issues much more closer to home. Again, this is just food for thought, with realization that something will need to be tended with.

When life isn’t headed in the right direction, change is necessary and for the better – but it can get worse before it gets better – depending on the control we hold onto. It is about healing, by letting go of that which doesn’t work anymore, or releasing those who prevent us from growing to be our very best. As I pulled cards out for recent tarot insight, the message came through to me loud and clear: ‘What you are trying to control, is actually weakening you’. If you understand this, Pluto will search out the weak spots. Whatever you may be experiencing in your life, analyze it, then nip it in the butt. Produce good results – for each person involved, including yourself. Meet each other half way, confront the problem, and negotiate a fair (Libra) agreement. Jupiter in Aries creates awesome changes for us, but in some cases, it isn’t pretty if it’s energies are constricted, heightening anger, violence, and break-outs – as we have seen in the news with Egypt and a desperate cry for a change in government. I suspect that as our policemen and fireman lose respect, importance, and jobs – we could see egos of entitlement rupture and produce fiery problems closer to home.

‘Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.’ Martin Luther King Jr.

I hope to create awareness and acknowledgment, instead of letting people settle and blame, which was the purpose behind my Hermit meditation. Take a quick moment of silence right now, and open your heart. Ask that there be peace and protection for our brothers and sisters in Egypt, for our home nation, for the future of our world, and for a fair chance for our children’s children.

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Suzi Dronzek, Cosmic Divine, enjoys creative writing while sharing the planetary weather of the cosmos. She also and provides personalized readings with guidance as an Intuitive Consultant. Details available at: www.starcana.com