I keep hearing that we are not perfect and I must disagree. Each of us is being the best person we know how to be, at the present moment, with the information we have, and I believe that makes us perfect. We don’t always like everything about ourselves or our lives, which is a catalyst for change. And, although change is sometimes difficult, it is also a wonderful thing. Change has created everything on this planet including you and me. Children change into adults, adults change into parents, and parents change into grandparents. Throughout our lives we make decisions to change. We learn that an education can provide a better job so we go to school. We learn that being attentive to our mate creates more harmony in our home so we become more attentive. When our cloths feel a little tight, we start eating healthier food so we don’t have to buy another outfit; we women have many other reasons to purchase that charming new outfit. Our planet is designed for change, and we change our perfection constantly.

We change ourselves and our lives for many reasons; some good and some not so good. One of the reasons we change ourselves is a because of an energy called “Perfect Pictures”. Perfect Pictures are foreign energies that accumulate in our space that say we’re wrong in some way. These pictures are contrary to who we are and harp on us to become someone else. These are not catalysts of change, they are catalysts of limitation and illusion.

I know you’ve all heard those little voices in your head that tell you the project you just finished is not good enough and never will be, you’re not smart enough, you make the wrong decisions, you’re too thin, you’re too heavy, you need to walk this way and talk this way (I believe there is a song that says this), your smile is not right, your opinion doesn’t matter, and on and on and on and on and on. We end up beating ourselves up, putting ourselves down, and undermining the spectacular person we are. Perfect Pictures stand in the way of experiencing our changing perfection.

Next time you hear a little voice in your head telling you that you are not perfect (Perfect Pictures) try the following exercise and pay attention to how you feel afterwards.

Sit down for a moment, get yourself grounded, be in the center of your head, then visualize that Perfect Picture inside a rose in front of your forehead. Take a look at it with neutrality. Next to that rose, create a secondary rose and know that it will pull all energies regarding this Perfect Picture from the first rose. As an example, if your Perfect Picture is telling you that you’re too thin, allow the secondary rose to pull all the energies associated with that thought into it. Just sit back and watch as the rose does the work. You get to put your feet up in your easy chair in the center of your head and relax. Allow all the pain, frustration, anger, confusion, etc. to leave the first rose. Know that all the energies associated with the Perfect Picture from the first moment it got into your space are going into the secondary rose. When that secondary rose is full, watch it blow up like the fireworks on the 4th of July. If you need to use an additional secondary rose, please do so. When you’re done, blow up the first rose, and any additional secondary roses, and fill yourself up with a golden sun full of your golden life force energy and notice the change. Notice that the little voice is gone and how much more comfortable you feel.

You may need to repeat this exercise, because there may be additional layers or you may pick up some new energy that needs to be released. The more you do this exercise, the easier and quicker it becomes and the fewer Perfect Pictures you will hear. When I have the time I’ll sit quietly and do the exercise. Other times when I’m busy, I’ll do these exercises quickly while I’m walking around the mall, working, or watching a movie. As with any exercise, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Perfect Pictures are only energy: miniscule specks of dust that can be vacuumed from your space with ease. So remember, the next time you hear yourself saying anything negative about yourself, do the exercise, and know that you are a spirit on a human journey – changing your perfection daily.

Author's Bio: 

Nanette Irwin
Spiritual Healer/Teacher and Master Energy Worker

As a Renowned Spiritual Healer and Teacher, and Master Energy Worker, Nanette assists men and women in releasing the accumulated energies that create life’s road blocks. Her mission is to help men and women uncover their power and re-discover the remarkable spirit they are. When these changes are realized, people begin to live the life they were meant to live. They see opportunities that were hidden from view, then take steps to accomplish new goals that they had previously believed to be improbable.

Being a psychic from birth, Nanette began to naturally heal family, friends, and pets at an early age. These special gifts allow her to discover the core issues within a person that are linked to life’s road blocks, and then to assist that person with warmth, gentleness, and humor to release those road blocks. She is the one that everyone, friends and strangers alike, talk to about their deepest, darkest secrets.

Nanette’s education began over 40 years ago and includes certifications in Clairvoyance, Spiritual Techniques, Transmediumship, Spiritual Teaching, Spiritual Ministry, and Hands on Healing. Through the years she has studied healing modalities from around the world, attended many seminars, learned from a Native American Shaman, and is an ordained spiritual minister.