What we with PTSD need to consider for healing is a seasonal, changing strategy.
Without a constant attention to where we are, our progress becomes a tragedy!

The things like protective mechanisms may no longer be advantageous.
Those emotions of anger, and fear prevented us from becoming courageous.

Part of our emotional, self-overhaul comes from our internal perspective, too.
Perhaps, we may feel we have gotten on in age for a dream to come true.

This proliferates becoming bitter, and jealous of other people’s accomplishments.
Doing so disregards the hard work, and sacrifice that deserves compliments.

Wisdom, and perfection in a craft come with time diligently applied, you see.
An example is observing performers on stage who sing, but have no true ability.

Even the songs they have created really have no rhyme, or meaningful weight.
Perfection is like a prized racing horse whose strength leaves others at the gate!

Not having achieved our purpose, or even acknowledgement of it overtakes us.
These are some of the things that hold us back from our joy we will discuss.

A first step in creating a changed venue of thinking comes by letting go.
Some things to start with encompass a need for faith to help us grow.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of the Great Father” in Romans 10:17.
Further, it is the essence of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen.

Although, this becomes a spiritual strategy of change, it is not the entire goal.
Hope is the key to achieving the steps we need to take first in part, then in whole.

In overcoming trauma, and lack in our lives we need to hunger for change.
Giving us time to grieve of what was lost can allow the mind to rearrange.

That becomes our winter thinking, per say that needs to thaw into spring.
So many hurts to the heart makes the emotions cold that sadness does bring.

The desire to change raiment from winter to spring requires a new plan.
An intention that is determined to not settle is good for a woman or a man.

We may have to modify how we will get through to our Divine purpose in life.
Declaring that, “I will only take what the Great Father I AM has meant for me,” softens strife.

Realize that when we strive to move forward in purpose, we cannot go back.
The old vision of whom, and what we were falls away when we are on track.

A tip is to not allow others to dictate to us to what our path is meant to be.
Part of healing is to let go of that guilt the past put upon us to be truly free.

Contemplating on how we were saved from destruction brings gratitude.
Realizing others may have died from our hurts raises our thoughts in altitude.

With gratitude for gifts, we can now acknowledge hope as depression falls away.
Yes, autumn has gone, winter melted into spring, and summer fills the day!

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