Subliminal perception is real. Sometimes a person’s behaviors or thoughts may be influenced unconsciously without them even realizing it. Actually, all our character traits, habits, behaviors and views of the world are influence by what exists in our subconscious minds. If you believe that you are a looser who is incapable of achieving anything in life, this belief will translate into actions and you will find yourself living is such a manner that conforms and aligns with your beliefs.

Some people have been reluctant to accept the notion of subliminal perception. They argue that habits are learnt through emulations and repetition. This is true to some extent. However, the same notion does support the theory of subliminal perception. It is true that you can acquire a new habit by imitating someone and with repetition this habit will be adapted as a natural part of your daily routines. However, these habits can only be adapted if they are received into the subconscious mind. Once they are received there, that’s when they can be turned into actions.

The notion of subliminal perception is what is used in the subliminal advertisements. The messages incorporated into this adverts are meant to be received by the consumer’s subconscious mind and be adapted as part of reality. This is what will influence the behaviors of the consumer to buy products and use it the way that it was advertised expecting the results promised by the advertiser.

Subliminal perception is normally not that visible or immediately noticed. A person may not even notice the stimulus. If you ask them about it later, they may not even recall ever seeing, reading or hearing any of the subliminal messages. However, the evidence that this stimulus did occur will be evident in the person’s change of thoughts, behaviors and even way of living. There are moments when you may remember something in a flash, something that barely constitutes of a complete thought but you feel unable to associate this thought with a source or anything in particular. The phrase “I don’t know who told me this but……..” is popularly used by people recalling something from their subconscious that could have been putting there by a subliminal message.

Despite some beliefs, subliminal perception is not only negative. Most of these perceptions are positive and can help improve the quality of ones life. They can alter someone’s behaviors and thoughts .However; these positive subliminal messages are normally acquired to achieve a specific purpose. There are negative thoughts and messages that can also gain access into someone’s mind and alter their thoughts and behaviors to the negative side. These are administered by malicious people who should be avoided.

There is a lot of scientific evidence that has been provided over the years to show that subliminal perception do occur. However, some scientist argues that about the degree of the messages received. Others argue that the subconscious mind can only receive a little amount of information while others argue that the mind can accept and process a lot of information. Either way, it is clear that subliminal messages are a powerful tool that can be used to impact on a person’s life positively by changing their mindset.

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