You may want to change your money story because of how you model your parent’s view of money and abundance.

You may not realize that you may also be in resistance to your parents way of acting out with money and that may be affecting how you attract money in your life now.

How your parents treated you

Do you remember how your parents treated you or each other when comes to money this may be the key to changing your financial story because it has been holding you back from achieving your goal.

Does it make you feel a sense of injustice or angry because you are doing the same thing in your life with money that they did and are you will to change this, could you let go of this story and create a new story.

See the pattern of your parents

Writing it down or sharing it with another can help you to understand their beliefs and actions.
Can you take the time to see the pattern of your parents it may have something to do with fear of not making it, or they did not trust in their abilities and talents or they did not feel they were worthy of having more than enough.

When you start to write down your parents pattern for receiving money you may see a pattern of how they were allowing money to come to them, is it through work alone then ask yourself is this the only way money comes to me or at the end of the month you are always short because you over spend the weeks before and is this a pattern of your parents.

Abandoning your family heritage

Are you willing to let go of this way of acting out your money problems that you have known all of you life because once you decided to do so you will be abandoning your family heritage the people who were very important to you and that you look up to.

Whether their actions were right or wrong everything they did you took for granted and accepted as your truth because they love you this is the environment you only knew although their decisions have cost them and you these difficulties feeling and actions with money.

Changing your money story

Changing your money story from what you grew up with is a process of going back to your early childhood and to start taking note of your family thinking, their beliefs you have heard them say about money that you may also say to yourself or are rebelling against it yet keeping the feeling and beliefs still alive in you.

Once you have noted your behavior with money this is a start to making small steps to changing your habits, emotions and beliefs when comes to how you are behaving with money this will help you in having a better life with money.

Conclusion: Changing your money story is sometimes not clear like following a road map because there are many beliefs and emotions connected to it.

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