Have you been trying to make big (or small) changes in your life for a while now, and they're either just not sticking or you’re becoming overwhelmed and quitting? If you need support in blowing past old beliefs, challenges, patterns, habits or if you’re in a big transition in your life right now and need some new tools to make the changes you REALLY want, then you want to try NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming).

Whether it’s a big life change, like divorce, giving birth or quitting a habit like smoking, or releasing a fear, like public speaking, NLP can help. It can even help you to trust more that the world is not a scary place and everything works out exactly as it should.

I really want you to get the amazing results that NLP facilitates. I have been seeing an NLP practitioner at regular intervals (now down to every 2-3 months, but it started off weekly or every second week) for about 4 years now, and let me tell you, it has made a huge impact on my life. Let me tell you some of the ways it has personally helped me to change my life for the better:

• One of my long-standing, core beliefs that has held me back in many aspects of my life is the belief that "I don't belong", and that I am an outsider looking in. Oddly enough, I received an NLP session on an AIRPLANE from one of my friends who is a practitioner, and it really helped me to let go of that belief and feel more comfortable in groups.

• I saw (and paid for, on a students' salary, mind you!) an NLP practitioner every week or second week for 2 months to eliminate (ELIMINATE, not lessen, not cope, not "make better" but ELIMINATE) my asthma and vastly improve my allergies, which are almost non-existent now. I may get a sniffly nose around cats, but it’s much better than the emergency room!

• Along with reiki and some other changes, I eliminated (again, eliminated, not simply made better) my Irritable Bowel, which previously gave me excruciating cramps.

• When I find a belief like "successful people cut ethical corners to become that successful", which would therefore not allow me to be successful (because I need to do it ethically), guess who I went and saw? An NLP practitioner, to eliminate that belief and its subconscious root so I could ethically succeed in business.

These are just some of the ways, off the top of my "less crazy than it was before NLP" head, on how NLP has helped me.

Author's Bio: 

Kristi Shmyr owns and operates Prana Holistic, a multidisciplinary health clinic in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Kristi truly believes that pain is optional and that people are meant to live with more health, happiness and success than they currently allow. Go to http://pranaholistic.wufoo.com/forms/free-report-8-ways-to-eliminate-pain/ for a free report on 8 ways to eliminate pain.