This may be hard to believe, but once upon time, only certain, special people could channel Divine Guidance. They were endowed with special psychic gifts that allowed them to access the spiritual realms, hear the voices of non-physical beings and offer spiritual advice and information to other, less gifted individuals who were hungry for spiritual guidance.

But those days are over!

While there will always be certain people who seem to be more open and available to channel information and insight from the spiritual world, we are all getting hip to the fact that anyone can have their own direct pipeline of divine guidance. And we all have the ability to channel that guidance for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Do you believe me?

I ask because whenever I teach a Guidance On Demand program, where Theos and I teach people how to access and channel their own Divine Guidance, the most popular form of resistance we run into is disbelief. Most of the participants desperately want their own source of Divine Guidance but they don’t believe it’s possible for them. This question of belief is always the first obstacle we need to work through.

But what’s fascinating is these same doubting Thomas’s, much to their own amazement, start downloading an endless stream of Guidance the moment they let go of their resistance, dissolve those Middle Age notions of what channeling is and isn’t, and follow some simple processes to help them connect with their Higher Self and their Guides.

So, today I want to help YOU let go of some very outdated concepts about what channeling is and isn’t.

• First, you don’t have to go into a trance to tap into your spiritual guidance and channel. While there are some people who DO go into an altered, somewhat disembodied state in order to connect with their non-physical Guides, it’s not required… or even recommended. What I teach in Guidance On Demand is how to be a conscious channel, which means that you are actually aware of what your Guides are telling you as the information comes through. You are conscious and aware of where you are, what is happening, and what you are receiving.

• You can channel your Higher Self or Your Spiritual Guides or both. Your Higher Self is that pure, eternal, infinite part of your consciousness that is tuned in to the highest spiritual vibrations and is the source of unconditional love and wisdom. Your Spirit Guides are NOT you, though you are intimately connected. They are a higher vibrational stream of consciousness that is available to help you in your physical reality. They exist beyond the physical world and help you by giving guidance, wisdom and support.

• Not all channeling is spoken. Your Guides may communicate with you through writing, sound, feeling or other forms of creative expression.

• Your Guidance will not give you the winning lotto numbers. Sorry! I know, it sucks! But there are certain things your Guides will do for you and some things they won’t. They WILL give you messages and information to help you make the right decisions, stay aligned with your higher life purpose and develop your personal power. And by doing so, you may very well increase your financial well-being, depending on how you choose to use that guidance.

• Your Guides will guide you, but they will not “possess” you and use your body while you sit back and go along for the ride. You must live your own life, but you don’t have to do it all alone.

• High-level Guides do not predict the future. Your future is changing from moment to moment based upon your focus, your desires, your thoughts and decisions. YOU create your future.

• Everyone’s experience with channeling is unique. Once you learn to connect with your Higher Self and your Guides, your experience as a channel may be similar to that of other people or it could be quite different. Don’t judge your experience by that of another. Trust your own way.

One more thing. Channeling is no different than any other skill in that it takes practice. Even the greatest, most prolific channels of our time had to practice and refine their skill.

Channeling your Guidance benefits you and everyone in your life, for it allows you to be in sync with your Higher Self and the greater good for all. And you can get started today!

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