When all is quiet, can you hear the sound of your heart beat and nervous system? Did you know that many light workers tune in to this like a metal detector as they heal or give readings? It's a gift we are all given. One must train themselves to hear their "Internal Metal Detector." Have you ever seen someone tap their foot to a silent rhythm, or rock to music that can't be heard by you? Guess what? They are tuning in to their internal frequencies.


I met a woman in Reiki training that healed with the aid of her nervous system frequencies. For a long time I have been aware of three layers of sound within ….a High, Middle and Low Note, which I use as a tool in intuitive reading, as well as Reiki. Here are the internal "Metal Detector" frequency meanings: notes to listen for:

HIGH note = satellite pinging
MIDDLE note = “Getting Warm”
LOW note = “Target Bulls eye”

As an intuitive reader most of my life, I have followed these 3 internal notes to acquire and reach for answers. How delighted I was that these same 3 internal frequencies can be used in Reiki Healing. In fact, I know I am too tired, or too energy depleted, when I can not hear or “feel” my internal Metala Detector.


There is a Bible verse that says “When in prayer do not make a show of it, but do so in privacy.” It would also seem that in honor of those who do not understand Internal Frequencies, rocking and toe tapping is best kept in control in public. This applies also to those that feel they need to heal with Reiki hands on those that do not ask for it. It creates a persona of intrusiveness. Healers do them selves harm when they appear like gypsy fortune tellers grabbing the hands of passers by to tell their fortune. When Healing or Reading, we need do so in conditions that allow clients to come to us. Intrusiveness is not compassionate. Allow your inner Metal Detector to guide your Light Work Path.

Author's Bio: 

Ann Marie, national Intuitive Light Worker 38 yrs, owns a Metaphysical Tea House in the Prairie. You will find her outside surrounded by cats in one of her Spiritual Sculpture gardens. As a professional Psychic Phone Adviser she offers down to earth, honest readings of high accuracy. Expanding her journey into Hypnotherapy, Ann Marie was able to inject calming rhythm and imagery into her Affirmation Readings. Riding the crest of Internet radio she mixes a love of old time radio theater with free Intuitive Readings with an imaginary ghost named "Lily". Author of 2 published New Age Poetry books, Ann Marie’s personal piece of heaven is elegant simplicity through the tornadoes of life.