Character is the set of qualities that make somebody distinctive. It is the outward manifestation of what you believe inside your mind and spirit. It is your nature, personality and moral fiber. Your character is the attitude and mindset which indicates to others who you are and what you stand for. Character, values and standards are not inborn or inherited, they must be learned, accepted and believed by the person.

Belief System Reflects Actions

if your parents called you lazy, you can either incorporate that label as a part of your character and indeed become lazy. Or you can choose to believe that even though you did not pick up your jacket as a child or occasionally forgot to take out the trash, overall, you are not lazy but actually ambitious and are committed to being a team player.

You know that you can be counted on. That you are honest and hard working as a general rule, even if now and then you do something that appears lazy to others. You work on reinforcing those positive beliefs rather than wallowing in negative labels given you by others.

List of Positive Character Traits

As you read through this small list of admirable character traits, check the ones that you believe are a part of your inner guidance system. Do your children know that you feel strongly about these attributes and? Perhaps you should share with them the qualities that make you the person you are today.

* Appreciative
* Courageous
* Committed
* Compassionate
* Confident
* Dependable
* Fair
* Faithfull
* Flexible
* Friendly
* Generous
* Gentle
* Grateful
* Honest
* Humble
* Integrity
* Kind
* Loving
* Loyal
* Optimistic
* Patient
* Persistent
* Resourceful
* Respectful of all
* Responsible for choices
* Self-control
* Sincere
* Tolerant
* Trustworthy
* Truthful
* Warm and welcoming

This is a partial list of character traits and values that could change our society and the world if they were incorporated into the lives of each person.

As teachers, parents, coaches and adults who work with youth on a daily basis, we have an opportunity to mentor the next generation.

The best teacher is a role model.

Children, neighbors and coworkers are watching what we do, much more than what we say. If we feel that character is important, do we show that belief in action? Do we follow our own spiritual compass? Do we want them to do as we do or just as we say?

Praise Character Strengths and Choices of the Heart

In order to encourage those in our circle of influence and our own belief system, we need to recognize and acknowledge the correct choices made daily. Rather than say "Good Job" when your son carries in the neighbor's groceries, look for the basic character trait he exhibited. How about saying "wow, you are really a thoughtful person. You saw that she needed help and you offered. You have a kind heart."

Character strengths and choices of the heart can be transferred to many situations and used to reinforce positive action. By complimenting and reinforcing the value system, we encourage self esteem and confidence.

Good luck in your endeavors to find the golden nuggets of character, values and standards in your heart and the hearts of others in your circle. When we look for and encourage strong and noble characters, we will have a better family, neighborhood, community, nation and world. And isn't that what we are all about?

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