One who buys and sells works of art is referred as an art dealer. It does not mean, however, that it’s just simple to be one. There is more to it than just mere buying and selling pieces of art. One serves as a significant link between artists and their audience, collectors and the art sellers.; one may act as the representative of an artist in sharing art works to the public, or be the agent of collectors who are looking for quality and value for their investments.

But what are those characteristics that an art dealer must possess?

There are basic characteristics an art trader should posses in order to take on the deal, and there are those characteristics that will not only aid him to survive the art world but will also set him apart being the better dealer.

The Basic Characteristics

For background education, a bachelor’s degree in Art History is fundamental for an art dealer to become successful with his chosen profession. Also, one must have a niche or must develop one for it would be a foundation for a dealer to be an expert. Acquiring education in paintings, drawings, sculpting, photography or just any other art form is a must therefore.

An eye of an art connoisseur is another necessity for an art expert. He must have the talent of finding a scorching art piece while skimming his way through an array of art works. This can be natural for some at times but one can enhance it as the dealer matures to be an expert.

What Sets a Good Art Dealer apart from the Mediocre

Both knowledge and having a good eye for arts are not the only things to be fulfilled, but also a good relationship with both artists and collectors. Setting a good network of artist and at the same time establishing a stable connection with collectors and art galleries are good foundations for a successful dealer in the art world.

Additionally, a good understanding on art business is very indispensable. As the art market usually flows with the world economy, it is important for the art dealer to be adept with the business by being familiar with the current trends and be able to anticipate swings in the taste and value or art works.

But the real key to success in art dealership is the most basic but often missed: the passion for the arts. Getting involved not just in the technical aspect of art dealership but immersing oneself in the real world of the art widens the perspective of an art dealer on both sides of the social spectrum of the art world. It is the love for the art that carries the art trader towards success.

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