What is it that attractive people have? They don't have to be the most attractive woman or man in the room, and you are naturally drawn to them. Are they more successful? More intelligent? More socially skilled? More poised? Convey positive body language? Or all of these elements that seem to attract individuals to one another? People that draw the attention of others have charisma, and it is a combination of factors that connects them with others on a personal, emotional and an intellectual level. For singles, developing your charisma can mean the winning relationship. So, how do you develop that irresistible attraction of personal magnetism and have the opposite sex falling for you in a heartbeat? You follow the guide below!

Charisma and Dating: Irresistible Attraction Secrets of Personal Magnetism

Within three to four seconds, individuals form their first impression. Therefore, you must be together from the first glance. While the charismatic charm comes natural to some, others must develop it. The charismatic individual creates an instant bond, and this is what you must learn, how to maximize your hidden and natural attributes.

Developing personal magnetism is about developing your qualities. Therefore, we are going to concentrate on qualities that will help you to become that irresistible opposite sex that attracts and keeps the attention of others.

The first thing you want to concentrate on is your ego. You step out, have the sharp image, the right moves, and your wit and intellect are at their highest. But, you are not going to attract the opposite sex if you do not convey yourself as someone that is egotistical. You must be at the level of others. Treat others as you would yourself. Smile, be friendly, and confident. Maintain eye contact when you speak to someone, and treat everyone as though they are important.

Don't talk with fluff. When you speak make it important and don't try to fill the gaps of silence with meaningless conversation.

Develop your integrity. You must have values in order to value.

Treat others as a friend. Be comfortable and relaxed and confident and most of all friendly. Let others know that you are approachable.

Your body language says a great deal about whom you are and what you mean. Don't cross your arms or legs, which is a negative sign towards a person or situation. Don't cross your hands across your chest, or place your hands in your pockets. Be positive with your mannerisms, and be relaxed.

Be positive. Part of charisma is channeling positive energy to others. Negative people do not attract.

Keep your posture in tact. Your head should be erect, your back straight and your shoulders back, which will create a good, powerful impression.

Be helpful. , and understand others. If they are having trouble with something that you can help them with, help them. Whether this is the single for you, others will take notice and you will become the guy or gal that attracts.

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