Charisma is a four dimensional-phenomenon of the manifestation of individual’s potential energy or life force. And the power of charisma depends on the inner potential of the energy that every person has. The more energy the individual has, the more charismatic he may become. I call this energy as potential energy because it is the individual’s potential or chance to live life fully and totally in all aspects.

In the previous article I have talked about physical charisma. Now I am talking about intellectual charisma. After exploring your physical body needs, rhythms and cycles you may intentionally and consciously redirect your potential energy into discovering the potential of your mind power. When you redirect your potential energy to your head, your life becomes more and more logical, rational and systematic. In this journey your charismatic power obtains intellectual colors. Reasoning, intellectualizing, philosophizing, arguing, analyzing, controlling, describing, systematizing, explaining, concentrating, judging, comparing and competing are the main attributes of the intellectual charisma.

Definitely, your mind has to be discovered. And, obviously, in the modern world your mind power has to be fully used. There are so many aspects in exploring your mind’s potential and power. Focus your awareness and attention on the phenomenon called your mind power. Your mind is a powerful device. Your mind possesses the tremendous potential and great power to be discovered and efficiently used on the market place. All brainstorm techniques, all concentration methods, all visualization techniques, all methods of the law of attraction, all positive thinking methods, all self-growth and self-improvement techniques and any other mental techniques train your mind and raise your intellectual charisma.

But I would like you to be aware! You should know the proper rules of this game, otherwise improper usage of these techniques may finally create a nightmare in your life. Your mind is a great servant but unfortunately it is an awful master.

Before using any of these techniques you should realize your individuality which has always been beyond any mind’s games, projections and desires. Only when you are aware of yourself, then ANY mental techniques can be useful for your success and for the growth of your intellectual charisma, because you become the master of your mind, but not vise versa. You may turn the mind on when you need it. And you may turn it off when you don’t need it. You may concentrate your intellectual power to solve any tasks and you may dissolve the clouds of the thoughts into the blue sky of your individuality.

Realize the main rhythms of life and the main dualities of existence: light and darkness, night and day, rest and activity, success and failure, positive and negative sides, logical and intuitive worlds, linear and zigzag directions, rational and irrational streams. Both dualities are yours to live in. Both dualities are yours to discover. Both dualities are yours to explore. Clinging to only one side of this pendulum inevitably gathers the need to move into the other opposite side. Always remember about it. Don’t push the opposite side of your life into unconsciousness but existentially realize both sides. Only in this full realization will you come to your individuality that is beyond any opposites and dualities.

And after the full exploration of the power of your mind you can open the next gate for your potential energy to be raised to higher dimensions of the rainbow of reality. And the next dimension of charisma is the poetical and creative level of your potential energy.

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist System.