What is charisma? If you meet a charismatic person you will never forget this meeting. In the presence of a charismatic person you experience a strange, invisible but clearly recognized pull towards this person. You cannot see this energy. You cannot see this power. But you definitely feel the strong attraction to this person. Something attracts
you. Something pulls you. This power attracts you. This energy pulls you towards this person. Something amazes you in this person. You don’t even know what exactly the reason of this attraction is… but you are definitely pulled, like small pieces of iron are pulled to a magnet.

As far as I am concerned, charisma is a four dimensional-phenomenon of the manifestation of individual’s potential energy or life force. And the power of charisma depends on the inner potential of the energy that every person has. The more energy the individual has, the more charismatic he may become. I call this energy as potential energy because it is the individual’s potential or chance to live life fully and totally in all aspects.

It is up to you how fully you use this potential or chance to realize your life in all aspects. This potential energy can be transformed into multi-dimensional activity of your life. This potential energy always should be used, otherwise the water in the pond becomes stagnant.

Your potential energy is the source of dynamic creative energy manifesting in many dimensions of your life: sexual attraction, health and well-being of your physical body, the pendulum of emotions, the energy of dreams, thoughts and images and the spiritual energy of your being. Only you are responsible if you radiate with your creative energy
or your life becomes sleep-like.

Only talking about the phenomenon of charisma is not enough. To realize all the aspects of this miraculous phenomenon called charisma, you should existentially dive into the energy of life. And you have a powerful device for this odyssey. It is your awareness.

To raise your physical, sexual or natural charisma you should, first of all, pay attention to all the outer and inner aspects of your physical body. Start from the exploration of this tremendous natural gift called you physical body. You should explore all the rhythms of your physical body. You should explore all the needs of your physical body.

Your physical body is your true servant for the whole life. Instead of ignoring its rhythms, instead of repressing its needs, dive into the depth of feeling your body’s life. Study optimal natural breathing: the nose and mouth breathing, chest or diaphragmatic breathing, deep or shallow breathing, fast and slow breathing… Invest your time into creating the basic of optimal physical activity that suits your physical condition, age and health. Find out your vibrating food that resonates with your body needs. Pay attention to the quality and quantity of your sleep. Improve the quality of your sexual life...

There are so many aspects in exploring your physical body’s needs. In other words, invest your time, your intellect and your awareness into this miraculous phenomenon called your physical body. All I am talking about should be personally realized, felt and explored by YOU, otherwise these are just words for you but no more…

Remember, only by respecting your body, by indulging into it needs, only loving this divine gift you can open the next gate for your potential energy to be raised to higher dimensions. And the next step of exploring charisma is the intellectual level of your potential energy.

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist System.http://www.365celebrations.com