Charisma and eye contact go hand in hand. When you have the charming appeal that attracts others you have a higher quality of life, in many areas of your life, both personal and business. Charisma is something that individuals possess naturally and individuals develop, and when you seek to develop yourself as a charismatic individual, you will want to ensure that you engage in eye contact.

Charisma and Eye Contact

Eye contact is nonverbal communication. Charismatic individuals maintain eye contact in conversation, and this is an important quality, as it shows the meaningfulness of the conversation, the person or group, and is a sign of confidence in you, yourself.

Positive eye contact is charismatic. Eye contact, just as facial expressions, can show both positive or negative mood signs. Charismatic individuals channel positive energy to others and positive eye contact is essential. You've seen the individuals that their eyes sparkle or twinkle, or their eyes light up when they engage in something they enjoy, a conversation that is pleasant, or are with a person they are attracted to. Learn positive eye contact by taking the time to understand others, be compassionate, confident and enthused. Throughout the day, keep your mind occupied with positive and happy thoughts, and engage in interesting things.

Eye contact is also important in flirting, and the art of knowing how to use your eyes is especially handy.

Consider the tips below to help you with any struggles you may have engaging in eye contact and to help you to channel that positive energy to others through your eyes.

Relax. There are many situations we find ourselves in, flirting with the opposite sex, job interviews and so on, that really can hinder our confidence. The first thing to learn is to relax and let the nervousness and anxiety flow out of your body.

When you are engaged in a conversation don't keep switching from one eye of the individual to the other. This will make you appear insecure, confuse and inattentive. Keep your focus on the left eye; I say the left eye because the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body.

Do not stare. Staring is not eye contact and can be annoying to others.

One of the key elements in a conversation is to listen, and this will help you to relax and to maintain eye contact as you hear what the individual is saying and you won't have to be as concerned as your eyes will naturally focus on the other. Eye contact is a show of respect and allows the other person to know you are genuine and interested in what they have to say.

If you are interrupted during a conversation with another, don't immediately break eye contact. Instead, hesitate for a second and then look at the person who interrupted your conversation, and look back at the person you were engaged in conversation with.

Lastly, smile with your eyes. Eyes are very meaningful and filled with emotions themselves. As many say, the eyes are the window to the soul. When you are able to smile with your eyes you are able to generate a relaxed feel, which helps to create a pleasant conversation.

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