Beware of Charlie-Down-the-Block. Charlie is the (generic) person in your new client's life that tells them they are making a mistake doing business with you. Charlie-Down-the-Block is not a particular individual, but the person who ALWAYS knows better than you what is best for your prospective client. Be particularly aware of Charlie if there is a time gap between the prospect saying "yes" to working with you and the implementation of the program or project. Charlie knows just what your prospect should do at any given moment about just about anything. Just tell him a new idea, a new venture, or a different way of doing things and Charlie is right there telling your prospective client

Charlie lives in a right and wrong world where there is a wrong way and then there is the right way; Charlie's way. The Charlie(s) of the world give advice whether or not they are asked for it. Charlie(s) say things like, "You are doing the wrong thing," "That will never work!" or "Who do you think you are, anyhow!" There is usually a Charlie somewhere lurking in the background. Sometimes Charlie is a relative or well-meaning friend who without intending harm squashes a good idea or business decision no matter the facts or how logical it seems.

When money is the subject, what to do with it and how to use it, Charlie's expertise grows proportional to your confidence level. Charlie's remembers every mistake you have ever made with money such as buying something you regret, lost money on an investment or loaning money to a friend who never paid it back or --- the list goes on. These mistakes give Charlie plenty of ammunition even if he doesn't know a thing about money, your life or life plans.
Symptoms of too much Charlie include second-guessing yourself and/or stopping or hesitating to move forward even if it makes sense to you. Charlie(s) hide out everywhere so it makes sense to take him out of the closet; admitting to yourself that sometimes Charlie lives within you. Having an action plan is the best way to quiet Charlie.
If exposed to Charlie, trust yourself to make reasonable rational financial decisions by:

•Listening politely, knowing it is just one person's opinion.
•Sort out fact from fiction before deciding how much of Charlie's advice is reasonable for your situation.
•Check in with your negative beliefs to make sure Charlie is just not just saying out loud what your internal negative Charlie is telling you.
•Hold tight to precious new ideas and plans like they were a newborn baby.

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Marilyn August has been dubbed “Magic Marilyn” by her clients. She is an author and business development expert on the subject of attracting high-paying clients and growing your business revenues with integrity. Along with her book —Wealthy U- Seven Sacred Wealth & Wisdom Lessons— her sales and marketing tools have been used for 20 years to dramatically increase her client’s revenues. Unlike other coaches and business development advisors, Marilyn provides a holistic plan to grow your business revenues. Her motto: “You can't grow your business without growing yourself.” She helps service business owners translate their technical expertise into sustainable growth revenues by attracting clients like an electromagnet. She is the founder of Wealth & Wisdom Seminars and her goal is to transform how service professionals in America think about money, one mind at a time.