There is more to buying Chanel replica products than just buying a cheaper copy of a branded luxury product. The hue and cry is not merely about the financial strain and an affront to a company that is over a100 years old.

Other Ramifications
To most people, buying a replica Chanel product is just like buying any other product and you may wonder what all the fuss is about. Have you ever wondered what has made these counterfeits very popular? The brand name tagged is most certainly one reason and the other is the absurdly low cost. Have you ever questioned the rationale behind this? Okay, brace yourselves for you may not like what you are going to read next. The reason for the absurdly low cost of fake Chanel handbags is often the use of bonded and child laborers. Some of the reported stories regarding the conditions under which these people work, will make you weep. Most of these people are ignorant of the very fact that they are being exploited.

Types of Counterfeiting
Governments are combating two kinds of counterfeiting
1. Deceptive
2. Non-deceptive
Let’s see what each of these mean. Deceptive counterfeiting is when the trader cons you into buying what you think is an authentic Chanel bag but in reality is a counterfeit. Some counterfeiters make such authentic looking products that it is very difficult even for a seasoned salesperson of genuine Chanel products to tell the difference. Only when you start using them and they become susceptible to wear and tear unlike authentic Chanel handbags, do you realize that you’ve been conned.
Non-deceptive counterfeiting (NDC) on the other hand means you voluntarily buy counterfeit Chanel replica handbags knowing full well what you are doing. If NDC can be halted, it would make a big difference to the downward spiraling global economy.

Stop Demand
Yes. You read it right in the previous paragraph – buying replica Chanel products affects global economy. It has a particularly bad impact on the economy of your own country. Stop thinking from a narrow perspective; stop justifying the reasons for buying a counterfeit Chanel handbag. On the personal front, you will never like the quality of these fakes. The bigger picture is your country stands to lose a lot economically, because when there is a propensity towards buying counterfeits, it is difficult to attract foreign investors. So, stop buying counterfeits and do your bit towards helping your country.

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