You don’t need to wait for infidelity to happen before you fix it. You can be practical in dealing with the act by understanding its causes and from leading the relationship far from that path.

Infidelity is never an ingredient of a happy relationship. If you want to prevent your girlfriend from cheating on you, you have to understand the reasons for this possibility. This proactive way is much better than crossing the bridge when you get there.
She hasn’t found satisfaction in the relationship.

Like men, women have different expectations in the relationship. They may be a bit different, though. They expect to be listened to, cuddled, surprised and respected as a person. They expect someone who understands why she wants a new bag, spends a longer time in front of the mirror and most importantly, what she believes in. If you don’t succeed in satisfying her needs, she might look for gratification from someone else.

She doesn’t get enough attention and praise.

Do you see to it you acknowledge her little efforts for the relationship? Do you express your gratitude for the cake she baked, shirt she bought and the times she prioritized you over her friends? If you don’t, she feels neglected in the relationship. If there’s someone who gives her the attention she deserves, she’ll consider it a kind of lure. If you don’t promptly address the issue, she might leave you and bite it.

She’s tired of your annoying ways.

Women looks for different characteristics in men. Some want their partner to be 100% honest but others reckon they don’t need to know everything. Some hate paying the bills when they go on dates but some prefer to treat their boyfriend once in a while. Some love guys who makes them laugh but others find seriousness and depth wonderfully challenging. It’s given that love should not change you as a person but for a relationship to exist, there must be a certain compromise. If you lack this value, you’ll end up annoying her. In effect, she might be tempted to escape from you.

She doesn’t find you responsible enough.

You can’t take away security as a main requirement women look for in the relationship. They find a man who’s too lazy to work a turn off. They opine those who lack initiative must be constantly reminded and pushed. If she has to bug you to move from time to time, she’ll eventually get weary of your irresponsibility. She’d rather find someone who inspires her with his milestones and achievements.

She feels no more spark.

It may be hurtful to admit but sometimes, women wake up bored with the relationship. No matter how much she tries to revive the spark, she just can’t squeeze out a drop anymore. In times like this, she’d love to spend time with friends than with you. When everything else has gone dry, don’t be surprised to discover she has found someone who’s more interesting for her.

Given the explanation above on why your girlfriend would possibly cheat, try to handle your relationship in a better way. Prevent infidelity by being sensitive to her needs, by treating your relationship with care and by bringing out the best in you.

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