Many of us would most probably experienced cheating in relationships as it is commonly seen nowadays. Most of our relationships are not as simple as we wish for and perhaps, it might turn out to be complicated consisting of disagreement once in a while. Some people cheated to avoid complicating problem and also for the benefit of maintaining long lasting relationship. However, cheating in relationships can be an indication for unhealthy relationship and just one occurrence in cheating is enough to break the whole relationship.

Cheating in relationships breaks trust, destroys closeness and leads to many disheartening emotions.

People would usually have no knowledge of it when their other half cheated on them, and their relationships are most likely not going to last once their partner get to know it.
There are quite a few reasons to cheating in relationships. Cheating can happen when there are issues of unequal partnership and self-worth. For some reasons, partners rarely have the opportunity to convey their feelings and share sadness to each other. Eventually misunderstanding occurs and leads to cheating in relationships, wanting to find someone who can listen to you and to share joy and unhappiness with since your current partner is unable to provide you with all these.

Cheating can also take place when people fail to set sufficient energy and time into relationships. We often have the tendency to blame the other half when things went wrong rather than to be more understanding and thus, both parties should be responsible for the outcome.

There are many different responses to how people react to cheating in relationships. Some might choose to pretend to not know of anything and treat it as if nothing had happened and life goes on, or some might go for confrontation and after that forgive their partners. There are also cases when people decided to end the relationship, and there is no any right or wrong solution in dealing with cheating.

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