There are hundreds of fitness boot camps from which you can choose any one according to your need or health retreat objective. Not all the fitness boot camps are effective for all health retreat requirements indeed every fitness boot camp focuses on a particular health retreat objective for instance some fitness boot camps may target to reduce weight while others may target muscle strength and body shape. If you are planning to join any fitness boot camp for the first time consider following check list and suggestions -

Be advised to ensure following items with you before joining any fitness boot camp on your fitness holidays -

An alarm clock – As fitness boot camps are organised by retired military personnels and military people are very cautious while it comes to punctuality. Apart from this getting up late every morning will leave an bad impression over the other team member. So use an alarm clock to ensure punctuality in your fitness boot camp.

Clothing – Choose clothes in accordance to your exercise schedule. Fancy and tight cloths may hinder your exercise schedule. Try to choose loose and cotton clothing to maintain proper body temperature while exercising. Also do not forget to take your Hat, Scarf and hand gloves as it may be cold in the early morning. Use of adequate clothes will make your fitness holiday real comfortable.

Toiletries – Well you can avoid that if you like that smell ! :)

Towels – Although in many fitness boot camps towels will be provided but it is wise to carry one or two extra sets of towels. So that in case of need you don't need to look for others to help.

Water Bottles – While exercising it is very important to supply your body sufficient amount of potable water. Extensive exercise may cause in acute decline in body water level and can cause dehydration. So never forget this one.

Swimming costume
- If your exercise schedule include swimming then it is wise to take your own swim costume because swim costume provided in fitness boot camp may or may not get fit to you.

A positive mental attitude
- This is the most required point. When you join any fitness boot camp do not expect any miracle to happen infect decide rationale and achievable health retreat objective. In your early days you may feel a little trouble but never let your motive hide from you. Talk about other group members of their expectations and health retreat achievements by doing this you will motivate your self. Finally try to leave heavy snacks and alcohol as many fitness boot camps do regular check for alcohol and it is strictly prohibited in any boot camp. Make your fitness holiday value adding by joining any fitness boot camp to achieve your health retreat objective.

Now various modern and ancient health retreat techniques like yoga, spa and sona are essential part of any fitness boot camp. Yoga is considered to have the ability to develop very strong mental capabilities and like health retreat yoga provide soul retreat. So if you have any type of mental stress and other mental problems try to learn yoga in your fitness boot camp and continue it for 10-15 minuets daily. Few yoga positions often called as “aasana” can help you to achieve your health retreat objective for example a yoga exercise called “Anulom – Vilom” is very effective in weight reduction and belly shaping.

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