It doesn’t take a lot for water to damage your home. The power of water is usually underestimated and water damage can generally be the result of a number of things. When it comes to water damage it is important to know where to look. The following is a list of common causes of water damage.

Visible Causes

• Roof Leaks – Roofing materials are exposed year around to weather so it’s no surprise that they wear out due to moisture intrusion and even sun damage. Worn out shingles have a tendency to curl and crack which allows rain water to accumulate. In addition, cracked chimney caps can allow water into interior areas. Blocked gutters and flat roofs can also accumulate water which increases the risk of water damage.
• Attics – Poor ventilation and insulation allows heat to escape. If snow builds up on the roof it often forces moisture to back up under roof shingles from which it can drip into the attic or walls.
• Windows and Doors – windows and doors that are improperly installed allow moisture to penetrate into the home.
• Gutter & Drain – Gutters and drains should empty far away from foundation walls since water can accumulate.
• Landscape Grade – landscape grading that is done improperly can result in drainage toward foundation walls instead of water draining away from them.

Invisible Causes

• Heating & Air Conditioning Systems – Failure to maintain air conditioners can lead to poor performance, higher operating costs, and even moisture problems. Moist cooling ducts can lead to mold and other water borne growth.
• Plumbing – pipe joints or hose attachments are often prone to leaks. Internal wall leaks are also incredibly hard to detect and can cause major damage.
• Basements –basements are known to frequently accumulate moisture that has dripped through concrete foundations. Humid months can also cause condensation on cold concrete walls and floors.
• Appliances – appliances like water heaters, washers, etc… have hoses that sometimes have a tendency to deteriorate over time. Eventually hoses can crack and cause a water leak.
• Pipes – Blocked toilets, sink drains, garbage disposals, etc… can deteriorate over time and burst resulting in water damage.
• Weather – weather is unpredictable so water damage can result from a number of natural disasters.

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