Moving is definitely the most challenging task. It comes up with a lot of chaos and mess around, which leaves all the tables turn upside down.

As the task of moving is big mess in itself, we would highly recommend to the movers to form a checklist for yourselves and then follow it accordingly, it’ll not just help you to things in a better and strategies way, rather will also not allow anything to skip from your mind. Especially in the case of moving abroad, making a checklist is must.

Wherein, moving is the most difficult task, I think making a checklist is more crazy task than all of it. So in terms to help you keep on top of things, we’ve put together a guide to help minimise last-minute panicking and maximise adventure.

Organise Your Belongings

Start the long process of moving through your stuff. Decide what you will be selling or giving away, what will go into storage and what you will take with you.

Take a Field Trip or Two

If possible, try to pay a visit to the town or city you are moving to, so as to get familiar with the different areas.

Prepare For the Paperwork

Buy a decent, hard-wearing, expanding document case to keep all your paperwork tidy and organised.

Passports and Visas

Check whether all passports are up to date. Get the final confirmation about visas, which you will need.

Removal and Storage Companies

Get an estimate from a removal company that offers international removals. It’s possible that they will also offer storage solutions, but if not get a quote from a storage company. Find out what the storage and removal companies insurance policies cover.

Arrange Your Travel

Get your planes, trains and automobiles sorted. If you are flying with animals or more than the “usual” amount of luggage, get that booked as well.

Start the Packing

Begin collecting boxes and buying tape so that you can start packing things. Make sure you have a good supply of marker pens, and bubble wrap for packing delicate items.

Organize your bank accounts and credit cards

Review your accounts and notify your banks that you are relocating overseas. Discuss with your bank or a financial advisor how to handle your assets.

Research your new home

Take some time to learn the history and culture before you move. Learn a handful of basic phrases in the local language and make sure you know how to introduce yourself. Arrive prepared so you can adapt quickly to your new home.

Prepare any prescription drugs

If you or a family member takes prescription drugs, purchase additional quantities and obtain a copy of the medical file related to the condition. Keep them in your hand luggage, just in case any luggage is lost in transit.

Get an International Driving Permit?

Renew your driver’s license if it is set to expire soon. If you plan to drive immediately upon arrival, get an International Driving Permit before you go. Remember to carry both your International Driving Permit and your national driver’s license with you at all times.

Cancel subscriptions and forward mail

Cancel all of your publication subscriptions. Complete the appropriate forms at the post office to ensure your mail is forwarded to your new address.

As you hire the best movers in Rochester to help you with your move, you must always ask them for a moving checklist. A moving checklist is a crucial document that helps you plan and organize your move. So, do not miss having one.

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