Businesses today are openly embracing Saas-based solutions for operating and managing workflows of their employees. Right from enterprise management to supply chain and accounting are being transformed using these services.

So Human Resource Management is no exception.
May it be a small or medium-sized business, this software help manage every facet of people management. This will greatly help the HR teams to save time invested in all the mundane and manual tasks and also digitalize the process.

The Saas-based system will support all the core HR functions enabling the HRs to concentrate on building strategies rather than getting stuck with the administrative functions.

How does it help the organization?

HRMS software will help in streamline all the core HR functions by making them easily accessible online and thereby reducing the burden of HRs. Some of the key benefits of using a Saas-based HRMS software are listed below:

• No more paperwork
• Enhanced communication
• Automating processes
• Self-service opportunity
• Less prone to errors
• Improved employee engagement

From onboarding to exit, this software will guide you in enhancing the employee lifecycle within your organization.

Hence, we are here to help you choose the best saas-based software for your organization. All you have to do is ensure that it has the features mentioned below:

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking

An ideal applicant tracking system should allow to make the recruitment process much simple, smooth and seamless. Also it should enable you to enhance your productivity and reduce TAT (Turn Around Time) for your task.

However, here are some points that you can consider while evaluating this module:

• Tracking interview status
• Interview scheduling
• Hassle-free communication with the candidates
• Automated screening of resumes on the basis of skills required

Attendance Tracking

An attendance management system should be able to provide real-time tracking of attendance, that aids in easy calculation of over-time hours, providing an overview of individual shifts and week offs, attendance policies etc.
Your employees should be able to view and rectify their attendance all by themselves. The remote clock in feature would be an added advantage for employees to quickly login and work, irrespective of the location.

Leave Management

A leave management software should be flexible enough to design various types of leave policies based on the teams and departments. This module should be able to manage all the complexities that arise on creating different leave policies and calculation of working hours.

Also, employees should be able to view and apply leaves easily.

Performance Management

Performance reviews are the most critical part of every employee’s journey. Hence, you should be very careful while selecting a right performance management software. It should be purely based on data which will help in eliminating bias while reviewing an employee.
Key features that you should be looking at for a performance management module are:

• Feedback system
• One-on-one schedules
• Goal management
• Reward and recognition program
• 360-degree review

Mobile App

The mobile app will make it more accessible for employees as they can operate in on the go! Whether its applying/approving leaves, reviewing attendance, or remote clock-in, the employees can effortlessly do it from the mobile app.

Reports and Analytics

Analytics dashboard helps the employees as well as the managers to have an overview about the leave patterns, employee work schedules, attendance graph, etc. Also, they will help you pull-off the reports with the desired stats.
However, make sure to look at the technical features too as it is very important that your handing over your employee data into a safe application. Listed below are some aspects where you need to be more vigilant:

• Data Security
• Customization
• User Interface
• Reliable Support
• Data Integration

While conducting your research, this case will be very useful to evaluate each software and check whether it fits into your organization. You can choose from the wide range of software available in the market. But remember, you can find your own right fit once you have a clear understanding of your needs.

Author's Bio: 

Bhagyashree Shreenath is a full-time Content Specialist and a part-time influencer. Working as Content Strategist at Keka Technologies, she loves to write about the gaps in organization & human resource management and strategies to handle the related concerns. She loves traveling, reading, and dancing.