Recently, I sent out a media release for a company owned by my brother, Scot Morgan. Scot has been in business for himself for twenty years, and in all that time he had never tried to get the free publicity you just can’t buy – that is, by sending out a media release.

And interestingly enough, I have been writing media releases and other marketing materials since 1997, but Scot never really understood what I did for a living or the fact that I have helped hundreds of businesses get free media publicity. Luckily, that has changed and my recent media release has given him prime time television news coverage, three feature news stories in print (and counting), plus radio time.

When Scot was speaking with the television reporter, he casually asked how many media releases they receive each day. The answer was up to 40 per day in their satellite office but up to 400 per day in the central news room (which is where I had sent it). So Scot inquired further and discovered that yes, each media release is read. And when he asked why his story was chosen – the answer was because it was written so well. (As you can imagine, I’ll be using that in my marketing material.)

So before you send off your media release, re-read it (again) to make sure you’re in line – or on top – of your competition. Use this checklist so you don’t miss anything:

• Is your story newsworthy?
• Do you have a hook that will entice the editor to call?
• Have you written a great headline that grabs attention?
• Are the pertinent details (the who, what, where, when, why, and how) in the opening paragraph with less important details following?
• Have you included a great quote that succinctly explains why this story is relevant?
• Have you chosen an appropriate editor?
• Have you written it in the third person and proof read for spelling and grammar mistakes?
• Are all your facts accurate?
• Is it short, sharp, and simple?
• Have you included your contact information (you wouldn’t believe the number of people who miss this vital step)?

And one more thing to ensure your business success…make sure everyone in your family clearly understands what you do for a living and who your ideal client is – it just could be one of them.

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Susan Regier is the owner and head writer of Vantage One Writing ( ). She works directly with entrepreneurs to find their core essence and develop a compelling marketing message. Susan has a greater than 90% success rate in getting her clients the free publicity they’re looking for in print and on television and radio. To get your copy of 12 Tips to Boost the Power of Your Words, go to Phone: 519.471.8726 Email: