Fake News is full of criticism for alternatives to vaccinations, but facts side with those who protest. The governor (KY) may have an easier time doing so with his kids than the public facing trouble at school if their kids aren’t vaccinated. This should not be--parents should be able to opt out and not be forced by increasing tyranny of government.

My father was a good MD, taught gastroenterology at St. Louis University. He read his AMA Journal most evenings. When he heard the neighbors had chickenpox, he sent me over to play with them because chickenpox is a mild disease, but confers immunity against the virus that in adults causes painful shingles (Herpes Zoster).

As a physician who was board-certified in Internal Medicine, I also loved my kids, four of our six were adopted, and they all grew up healthy with NO vaccinations.

Sadly the mainstream media pushes vaccinations that are criminal for infants so young that it can be ruinous to their nervous system. Japan waits a year before starting those vaccinations and they have much less autism as do Quakers or Mennonites who don’t vaccinate. Still the media says studies linking autism with vaccinations are debunked.

This physician believes if you “follow the money,” it influences what people believe, and sadly the CDC owns the patents on so many vaccines. Mercury as a preservative in multi-dose vials, or formaldehyde should not be used. The symptoms of autism and mercury toxicity are said to be the same.

Take 1 minute to see this powerful video and send this link to parents with young kids.

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Richard Ruhling is an MD, MPH, retired, who taught Health Science at Loma Linda Univ. His book, Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor, is on Amazon at no charge Mon, Mar 25 at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0186TXK94