We live in an era of beauty bloggers, makeup influencers, one-click makeup selling apps, and YouTubers. We are being introduced with new skincare/makeup product every other day. Thanks to all the beauty gurus that toners have become one of the essential products now. These cosmetics have crawled its way up to our skincare regime.

The word ‘toner’ has been derived from Tonic Water which was initially used to remove makeup. Today, toners come right after the cleanser and right before applying a moisturizer in the skincare regime. The beauty industry is saturated with all kinds of toners. The range starts with a few bucks and can go up to thousands of dollars. Adhering to the beauty trend, most women buy toners filled with chemical ingredients like parabens, alcohol, sulfates, dyes, and even synthetic fragrances. More often than not, these chemical-based toners do more damage to our skin than doing any good. But, bad chemical is not the sole reason to trash all those toners.

So, to save the skin from all the troubles, here are 5 reasons why you need to start using a chemical-free toner and dump all the chemical-based toner right now:

1. Disrupts the Natural pH of Our Skin

The first and the most important usage of a toner is to balance out the pH level of the skin which is ideally 5.5. When you clean your face off, the pH level of your skin has already thrown off. And then, if you then add another chemical consistency in the form of a toner, it will counteract with the dryness and the oiliness of your skin in the most unflattering manner. A natural toner helps to even out the veracity of the skin and brings back the pH level of the skin to its optimum state. There are tons of chemical free toners available in the market that would not disturb the pH level.

2. Makes Skin Sensitive

Cleansing involves not only cleaning of the skin but also exposes the layers to alien elements. And eventually, skin becomes sensitive. When we use a chemical-loaded toner directly, the chemicals get absorbed into the deepest layers of our skin. This can cause multiple damages like long-term blemishes, acne, and dryness of the skin. People with sensitive and acne prone skin suffer more due to the wrong selection of toners.

But, if you replace your regular toner with one that is free from all the harsh chemicals, it increases the microbiome diversity and helps to create a protective barrier on the skin. It also makes the skin more resilient to all the free radicals that can hamper your skin.

3. Chemicals Deposit on the Skin

A healthy skin has three properties namely smoothness, elasticity, and well-hydrated. The whole idea of toner was to prepare the cleansed skin for the next procedure of skincare. The next process can be a moisturizer, a serum, or a lotion. Chemical-laden toners only deposit more harmful chemicals on the layers of skin.

On the other hand, natural toners help remove the excess dirt or oil left on the skin (even after the thorough cleaning), rather than depositing more chemicals into it. The clean skin give your makeup or lotion a smooth blank canvas to work with. Toners also provide the extra hydration and make the skin more plump, rejuvenated, and glowing.

4. Incomplete Cleansing

Face washes or cleansers are not enough to take out all the dirt. So, toners complete the step by removing every bit of excess oil, leftover makeup, pollutants, and more. But, if the toner is itself loaded with chemicals, then those get deposited and ultimately, the cleansing can never become complete. In fact, all those chemicals can make your skin excessive dry.

A chemical-free toner makes sure to remove the last bit of impurities from the skin without ripping the moisture. It helps to keep the skin hydrated without making it too dry and flakey. Harsh chemical-free toner usually come with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

5. Presence of Alcohol Make These Vulnerable

Commercial toners generally come with a percentage of alcohol in it. The alcohol acts like an astringent. Astringents are pretty stron as those reacts harshly with any type of skin. When you damp such toners, you might notice a temporary brightness. But, it would dehydrate your skin in the long run and drastically would snatch away the elasticity.

Well! Natural and chemical-free toners like rose-water, chamomile, green tea, etc. boost the hydration level and beholds the elasticity. These not only showcase instant results, but also work towards healing and protecting your skin against the environmental pollutant, aging process, and acne in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Toners have come a long way from being a general tonic water to an essential skin care product. These cosmetics meticulously fulfil the needs of every skin type. However, we must not fall under the bandwagon of the chemical cosmetic industry. Instead we must pay attention to the health profile of our skin. All these reasons arev enough to point out the necessity of a chemical-free toner. It’s time we try to improve our skin cells rather than focusing upon complexion solely.

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If you have combination or oily skin, you can use alcohol-free toner at day and night. For dry skin, it's best to only use it once a day at night time.