For years, we have been told that the only thing to do when faced with cancer is to undergo chemotherapy. However, recent research suggests there are alternatives that should be considered - alternatives that do not destroy the healthy functions of your body along with the cancer cells.

Everyone has Cancer Cells
It is important to understand that cancer cells exist in all bodies. These cancer cells go undetected by our standard tests until they have multiplied to extreme levels. A healthy body's immune system works as a check on these cancer cells, destroying them and preventing them from multiplying.

When Cancer Cells Can't be Stopped
When cancer cells multiply to high levels, this tells us that the body is suffering from multiple nutritional deficiencies. These deficiencies are caused by genetics, environment, food, or lifestyle factors.

To overcome multiple nutritional deficiencies, you must change your diet and include supplements to build the immune system so that it can go to work fighting the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy: A Harsh Treatment
Anyone who has undergone chemotherapy can attest to the fact that this treatment often seems as bad as, or even worse than, the illness it is working against.

The goal of chemotherapy is to poison the cancer cells, but the poison cannot discriminate between a healthy cell and a cancer cell, so often the parts of the body that are working so hard to fight off illness are attacked by the treatment. Radiation damages both healthy cells and cancer cells alike. These treatments cause organ damage and create a toxic burden which compromises, and even destroys, the immune system of the patient.

An Alternative: A 3 Step Approach

Step 1: Starve the Cancer Cells

Cancer cells must be fed to survive. Cancer cells feed on sugar (and sugar substitutes), salt, mucus (produced by milk), acid (produced by eating meat), and caffeine. The first step should be to rid you diet of these items and hence begin starving the cancer cells.

A diet of 80% fresh fruits, whole grains, seeds, nuts and a little fruits will create the optimal alkaline environment for the body's healthy cells.

Step 2: Boost the Immunity
Nutritional supplements have been shown to boost the immune system. We recommend JIVA Fermented Soy and Herbal Spice Nutritional Beverage, which contains the highest quality non-GMO fermented whole soy protein, curcumin C3 complex and Bioperine. This unique phytonutrient formulation has powerful antioxidant properties.

We all know how good green tea is at boosting immunity, but it is difficult to get the proper dose from a brewed beverage. Try JIVA Green Tea plus, which contains high levels of green tea, plus epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC). ECGC is unique in that it seems to battle cancer in all stages, from thwarting chemical carcinogens, to suppressing the spread of tumors.

Step 3: Treat Mind, Body and Spirit
Cancer is a disease of the entire self. It is spurned on by the mind and spirit as well as the body. Cancer survivors who were able to maintain a positive attitude and a peaceful spirit attest to the strength of these components in battling cancer.

  • Relax. Try yoga or meditation to assist with allowing the body a respite from stressors. Also try to positive affirmations - there are many websites available to help you create a positive mindset to manifest life changes.
  • Exercise. Cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. Exercise and practice deep breathing.
  • Find Peace. Give up the burdens you carry with you by forgiving and letting go. Find an inner tranquility.

Please visit our website: to find out more information about these topics. You can also take a look at my book: Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and Other Deadly Killers! for more details about fighting illness with supplements, diet and a whole-body approach.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Vijaya Nair is an esteemed medical researcher and epidemiologist with a passion for integrating Eastern approaches with Western medical and scientific training. A native of Singapore, she earned her medical degree from the National University of Singapore in psychiatry. Dr. Nair later immigrated to the United States, where she received a master’s degree in epidemiology from Columbia University and completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School.

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