Miracles Performed by Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba's devotees from all over the world have reported several miracles performed by the seer, long after he left his mortal coil. Even during his lifetime, Shirdi Sai performed many miracles to the utter amazement and awe of his devotees. In fact, miracles were almost an everyday phenomenon at Dwarakamai. These miracles included instances of mindreading, materialization, exorcisms, bilocation, body transcending, bringing back the dead to life, levitation and so on.

Most popular of Sai Baba's leelas or miracles are as follows:

Sai Baba Stops the Roof

One day, Sai Baba was having lunch with fellow devotees, as he sometimes chose to do. Suddenly, there was a cracking sound from the roof of the old building. Those gathered out there immediately realized that it would soon come crashing down. Some of the devotees immediately ran outside to protect themselves.

Sai Baba, in an authoritative voice, asked the roof to wait and then continued to eat. Those who had undying faith in his powers continued to eat peacefully. After finishing the meal and then moving away, Sai Baba said, "Now you may fall". Immediately, the roof came crashing down.

Sai Lights Lamps with Water

This is one miracle that made all the villagers realize his true divinity. Sai Baba, who many in the village considered was just a mad beggar, would often go begging for oil to light the lamps at Dwarakamai. Some shopkeepers were against giving him this oil and so they conspired to humiliate him in front of all the others. They decided to deny the oil to him when he next came begging for it. Sai, who did not get any oil that day, walked away unperturbed.

Sai Baba then drank some water and spat the same in the container he used to beg for the oil. He then poured water into the earthen lamps placed in the mosque. To the utter surprise of everyone present there, the lamps immediately lighted up and stayed brightly lit all night.

Sai Knew Every Visitor in Advance

Sai Baba always knew if someone was visiting him, much before they actually entered Dwarakamai. He would talk to his devotees present at the time, telling them exactly who was coming, what they were, from which village they were visiting and so on. There have also been several instances when he came in people's dreams, asking them to visit him in Shirdi. Many of these "invitees" never even knew who Sai Baba was. Strangely, things would work for them in such a way that they would find their way to his abode.

Sai Baba also had the powers to physically manifest in front of a devotee who was far away from Shirdi at the time. He would come to them in physical form and advice them about the actions they should perform at any given point of time, also warning them of impending danger.

It was also true that no one could gain access into the mosque without his express permission. If they tried to force their entry into Dwarakamai, they would experience all kinds of obstacles, sometimes even physically walls blocking their entry into the mosque. Even today, devotees believe that they can visit the temple and take his darshan only if he called them there.

Sai Heals the Sick

Many times, Sai would take on a person's illness onto himself, in order to heal him or her. He would then remain sick for a while and then come back to normal in a little while. If a devotee had burned his hand in oil, Sai would be suffering the pain at the same place and time. In the meantime, the devotee would have been completely and miraculously healed of the burns. Once, Sai gave up his own body for a few days, in order to save the life of a devotee who died before his time. Entering the devotee's body, Sai healed him, brought him back to life and then re-entered his own body.

Sai also gave the boon of progeny to childless couples who desperately wanted a child. Devotees praying to him for the good fortune of children would invariably be fortunate enough to receive the grace of the Sai's blessings.

Many times, Sai Baba would manifest as a devotee's ishta-devata (favourite deity), in order to instil faith in him or her. There are accounts of the Sai appearing as Vithoba, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Jesus and so on.

Sai Baba Tells Shama about the Udi Pot Being Taken Away

Sai Baba left his mortal form on the Dusshera day of 1918. While the entire Shirdi was in darkness and despair, Shama was particularly mournful. After begging forgiveness of the Sai for all his sins committed in his lifetime, he decided to meet Kaka Saheb in Bombay.

Before leaving Shirdi, Shama had collected a pot full of Sai's sacred Udi and kept it in his house. The women of his house unknowingly proceeded to take the pot of Udi for cleaning. Shama was sleeping in Bombay, when Sai appeared in his dream and asked him stop them from throwing away the Udi. Shama immediately rushed back to Shirdi and saved the pot in the nick of time.

The Main Reason behind Sai Performing Miracles

Sai Baba had only one reason to perform all his leelas in front of his devotees. He wanted to attract people towards the divine, thereby helping them cultivate the qualities of devotion, love and compassion for those who were suffering. Once the devotees came close to Sai Baba, they would find themselves awash with the love and grace that incessantly flowed from his divine, fatherly presence. That is also the reason why his devotees call him "Baba" - this is a term used to address one's father.


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