Living in an urban city such as London, we are constantly bombarded with external stimulus, such as work, traffic, sirens, financial concerns, and advertisement. Over time the accumulation of these daily hassles and can cause chronic stress, which is linked to diseases and major health complications. You might be well aware of these problems, but you may be unsure what action to take to protect yourself.

People in China, and most recently people all across the world have been practicing this powerful healing technique called qigong. Chi gung is an ancient Chinese healing practice that combines exercises of meditation, breathing, visualization and movement. The benefits of chi gung are profound, but let’s first understand what it is.

You might be wondering to yourself what does the word chi gung mean? “chi”, is a term that originates from China, which the term means life energy, life-force, or energy flow. It’s essentially the universal energy that flows through everything. “gung” means to manipulate, to work, or to cultivate. In essence chi gung allows people to use their life energy to develop a healthy mind and body.
Now, that we somewhat have an understanding of chi gung, we will look at some of the surprising health benefits from practicing it. Several studies have been conducted on chi gung, and to some the findings are astonishing.

The studies showed that qigong can help people recover from chronic conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, aging, asthma, allergies, neuromuscular problems, and cancer. Even if you do not have a medical condition, qigong can help you perform better at work, at home, in sports or with anything you enjoy doing.

The benefits of chi gung are remarkable and numerous and some of them include the following.

•Reduced stress and tension. If you are stressed from work, school, relationships or stressed because of other reasons chi gung will allow you to relax and have a tranquil mind.

•Increased strength and vitality. The meditative movements will strengthen your muscles and provide you with more energy.

•Restorative sleep. Chi gung will improve quality of sleep, and good sleep is vitally important for everything ranging from improved mental functioning, attention, alertness, vitality and many other roles. Studies have shown that qigong practitioners get into REM sleep much faster and stay in it a lot longer.

•Positive attitude and joyfulness. Practicing chi gung will help you feel better about yourself, and it will bring more positive experiences in your life.

•Improved concentration and focus. The combination of mediation, breathing, visualization, and movement will enable you to focus more attentively at work, reading, and when interacting with others.

Again, we live in a fast paced world and we are bombarded daily with outside noise. This way of living can cause chronic stress and, therefore, it’s vitally important to stay healthy in order to prevent health complications.

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