Chicken Veg samosa recipe easy and quick D shape samosa I made it today you'll surely lick your fingers after eating chicken samosa recipe/ चिकन सब्जी समोसा with Chinese samosa filling Step by Step Chicken Veg Samosa Recipe (Ramzan Special Recipe) by Batool's Kitchen . #chickensamosarecipe #chinesesamosarecipe #ramzanspecialrecipes2020 #happymoment #batoolskitchen

Chicken Veg samosa recipe / D Chicken Samosa Recipe
-Chicken 250 gram or 1 cup (boiled & shedered)
-Oil 2 tbsp
-Onion Chopped (Chopped Piyaaz) 1 small
-Chilli sauce 1 tbsp
-Soya Sauce 1 tbsp
-Crushed Black Pepper (Kutti Kali Mirch) 1 tbsp
-Chilli Flakes (Kutti Laal Mirch) 1 tbsp
-Salt (Namak) 1/2 tsp
-Garlic Chopped (lehsun Chopped) 1 tsp
-Ginger Chopped (Adrak Chopped) 1 tsp
-Chopped Cabbage (Bund GObi) 1 Small
-Green Onions (Hari Piyaaz) 1.2 Cup
-Carrot Strips (Gajjar) 1 Cup
-Red Cabbage (Laal Shimla Mirch) 1.2 Cup - OPTIONAL
-Green Cabbage (Hari Shimla Mirch ) 1 Cup
-All purpose Flour (Maida) 2 Cups

Today' s Recipe - Chicken Veg samosa recipe | D Shape Samosa Recipe | चिकन सब्जी समोसा (Ramzan Special) by Batool's Kitchen

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