With so much emphasis being given to training the workforce, it is not surprising that organizations are creating specialized positions for the role that will be initiating the learning in an organization. The position is called CLO or the Chief Learning Officer. So are you planning to become a Chief Learning Officer? Do you know what or who is a chief learning officer? Is he or she different from learning development officer or is he the same?

So before we go further into the roles and responsibilities of chief learning officer let’s understand what or who is a CLO or Chief Learning Officer?

Who Is A CLO Or Chief Learning Officer?

A CLO or Chief Learning Officer is one of the most important person and is the highest-ranking corporate officer who is in charge of learning management. In simple words, he or she is a person who has possess enough skills to take the leadership roles & responsibilities and is completely aligned with the eLearning environment of today. So they can be experts in either corporate or personal training and hold degrees in education, instructional design, business or similar fields.

Now that we know who is a CLO let’s understand the roles and responsibilities in detail.

What Are Chief Learning Officer Responsibilities In An Organization?

While there are various responsibilities that a CLO has to shoulder in an organization, here we are listing the few important ones so that you have a fair idea about what you are getting into –

1. Commence the corporate strategy: As a Chief Learning Officer, you will be required start a proper corporate strategy that will help in not only achieving the organizational goals but will also help an organization stay ahead of its competition. You will be creating different strategies for employees in relation to their training, credentialing/certifications, along with learning and development. Since you are the CLO you will be judging which strategies are working and which needs reworking so that you are aligned with the goals.

2. Aligning the workforce and strategies with business goals: You need to be able to ensure that the workforce is aligned with the business goals and is working together to achieve those goals.

3. Other responsibilities: Your other responsibilities may include developing an education process for an organization, promotion of knowledge management in an organization, starting effective training strategies for employees, managing and establishing latest technology in an organization along with endorsing the importance of learning to stay ahead of the competition.

Chief Learning Officer Roles – A Peek Into The Day-To-Day Activities

Now that you what are the responsibilities of a CLO are, let’s understand the daily roles of a chief learning officer and they are as follows –

1. Reviewing all the training modules

2. Ensuring that the learning sessions are both engaging and memorable

3. Communicating on a daily basis with managers on employees’ progress and also with C-suite in order to maintain symmetry.

4. Developing organization’s learning/educational goals

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