As a result of being abused and/or neglected as a child, someone might not have much motivation in life. This is, of course, will be in addition to all of the other challenges that they may have.

So instead of having the need to embrace life and to make the most of the life that they have been given, they could feel the need to do very little. In fact, getting out of bed could be a challenge, let alone getting out of their front door to face the world.

Going Through the Motions

If they have a job, it could be something that they do simply because it pays the bills. Thus, it is not going to be something that fills them with joy and allows them to feel as though they are doing what they were born to do, for instance.

When it comes to their relationships it could be very similar, with them having friendships that are not very fulfilling. If they are in an intimate relationship, they might not be with someone who is really a match for them.

State Of Being

In general, they could find that they feel low and don’t have much energy. They are then not going to experience many positive feelings or thoughts, causing them to have a very miserable existence.

There is even the chance that other people will describe them as being depressed or having very low energy. Now, one could be aware of why their life is this way, seeing it as a consequence of what they went through as a child.

It’s clear

One will then have been treated badly as a child and they will be aware of what took place; this will show that their mind hasn’t blocked out all of what took place. Still, this doesn’t mean that they won’t have moments when they do block out what they are aware of.

This will just be a way for them to try to handle the pain that they are in. But, while they will be aware of what took place, it doesn’t mean that they will believe that they can experience life in a different way.
Another Scenario

Conversely, one could experience life in this way but have absolutely no idea as to why their life is the way that it is. What this is likely to show is that they have blocked out what took place when they were younger.

Due to how traumatising this stage of their life was, their mind would have caused them to push it out of their awareness. If they hadn’t done this, there is the chance that they wouldn’t even be alive.

Oozing Out

Here, one will have more or less the same symptoms as the person above but, what they won’t have, are the memories that go with them. One will then have moments when they feel depressed and even suicidal, yet they won’t have an idea as to why this.

The time of their life that will shed light on why their life is the way that it is will be out of their reach. Nonetheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t have other ideas as to why their life is the way that it is.

False Reasons

For example, one could believe that the reason that they experience life as they do is due to them having a chemical imbalance. Their brain chemicals will most likely be out of balance, but they won’t just randomly be this way.

Another view that they could have is that how they are has got something to do with their DNA. Once again, there will be something wrong with them but it won’t have anything to do with their childhood years.

Going Deeper

Regardless of whether one is in touch with what took place or not, their early years would have been a time when they were pushed to the limit. This wouldn’t have been a time in their life when they felt safe, secure, loved and cared for, it would have typically been the complete opposite.

Perhaps this was a time when they were physically abused on a regular basis, as well as neglected. The pain that they had to deal with would have probably been hard for most adults to experience, let alone a small child.

A Living Hell

Thanks to how dependent and powerless they were, they wouldn’t have been able to fight back or to run away. The main option would have been for them to disconnect from their body and to dissociate.

Along with this, they may have often felt a strong need to die and for their life to end. This would have been seen as the only way for them to stop the pain that they were in and for their life to change.

Given Up

At this stage of their life, then, they would have lost the will to live and no longer wanted to inhabit their body or to be on planet earth. Many years will have passed since that stage of their life, but the part of them that no longer wanted to be alive will be inside them.

This part of them or parts, as there are likely to be many split of parts inside them that want to die, will be having a massive impact on their adult self. So much so that one might not be able to detach from what is taking place and to observe what is going on.


If one can relate to this, it will most likely be essential for them to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or healer.

The wounds that are inside them won’t heal overnight, yet their life will change if they keep going and don’t give up on themselves. If the will to heal is there, they will have the most important component in place.

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