Child Charity – Why Should You Donate?
Millions and millions of children live in abject poverty. Whether it is the third world countries or the Sub Saharan countries, you will find children living in poverty. They lack the basic needs of life like education, food, shelter and health. Many of them live in HIV infected areas and are infected with this deadly disease, without having any fault of their own.
As per statistics and figures, there are 160 million children, below the age of 5 years, who are malnourished. The horrifying situation of poverty around the world, especially in the Third World countries, and their ill effect on the children is horrifying.
If you get moved by these facts and want to bring change in the lives of these poor children, in accordance with your ability, then you can do so by sponsoring a -child charity-. Donation made to a kids’ charity is generally used by them for building schools, health clinics, day centres and more for providing a better and quality life to those unprivileged children across the world. One of the large percentages of these not-so-lucky children is either abandoned by their poor parents or are orphans.
Bring change to the lives of these underprivileged children by donating to your favourite child’s charity.
Different Types of Donation to Kids’ Charity Explained Lucidly
Child charity is essentially of two types:
i. One time sponsorship can be done by the donors to the charity organisation. This is considered as one of the easiest but fruitful ways of donating to a kid’s charity.
ii. Another very effective form of donation is the monthly donation type. This helps a child in a more inclusive manner because the donated amount is used for taking care of one of the basic needs of a kid. So, it is more fruitful and inclusive in approach.
In case of one-time gift, no long term commitment is attached. Most of the donors prefer this because they don’t want to share the burden for a long period of time. They want to bring change to the lives of children through a one-time gift. However, it should be mentioned here that -child charity- donation done on a monthly basis is more effective and is holistic in approach. This is because the it takes care of specific physical needs of a child, say education, health, nutrition or else.
In fact, a monthly commitment makes you an essential part of a child’s life because his or her development depends on your contribution. In a way, the concerned child also feels special because a person is taking care of his or requirements.
Moreover, this donation type is easier and hassle free when compared to adoption. There are different types of papers and legalities associated with adoption. You can be a part of a child’s life by donating to a child charity on a monthly basis.
A person who is donating to a child’s charity can also get tax deduction on the donated money. A person should check the tax deduction specifications of a child charity.
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