Fix Child Obesity From Home...

I'm sorry, but is it really that big of a surprise to see that the number of overweight children in Australia has doubled in recent years, with a quarter of children considered overweight or obese. Surely, with the influence of technology and the marketing power of giant fast food chains we could see the repercussions escalating to today's crises. Ok, let me just state the obvious, kids have become chronically influenced by the convenience of social media, gaming, music, movies and basically anything that requires as little physical exertion as possible, yet as adults and role models, what have we done to prevent this?. I'll tell you what..."Here son have the latest Ipod for christmas and and go play virtual sport with your mates...Oh yeah, and don't forget to post on their Facebook wall 20 times that you just kicked their arse". I remember when I was growing up, we'd get a cricket bat and ball and go without dinner for being home too late, where as in today's world, kids don't have time to eat their vegies with the fear that they might miss out on a live chat session with a friend that they have never met before. I could go on and on about the impact of social media on society, but I really wanted this article to delve into the core issues, bad nutrition and lack of activity. The big question is, what are we going to do about it to rectify the child obesity epidemic?

It has to start at home, less fast food, healthy lunch boxes, less technology and more emphasis on physical activity. These are all simple lifestyle adjustments, however, kids are less likely to adhere to these if the parent is not leading by example. Throughout the development of livethislife I strongly considered a livethislife for kids program, but as I continued to research child obesity, I was convinced that the problem stemmed from the home environment. My solution, educate the role models our kids aspire to, by providing an all in one lifestyle strategy incorporating goal setting, nutrition, flexibility and activity to correct the parents unhealthy lifestyle habits, in other words train the trainer. As I touched on the implications of technology and bad nutrition within kids, so too lies the problem with adults, where the obesity rate believe it or not, is even higher. Far too much time is consumed by indulging in technology, so put down the laptop, turn off the the income reducer and spend more time with your kids by engaging in physical activity. It's time to start leading by example and conditioning them with the healthy lifestyle habits they require to lead an energetic, proactive and successful life that is filled with opportunity. Even if you are unable to convince yourself of a lifestyle adjustment, do it for your kids and get your hands on the livethislife program. At least this way you will be educated on the importance of goal setting, nutrition and activity and be able to give your children the most important education of all...A healthy lifestyle strategy!.

Author's Bio: 

Hi there, my name is Mark Piercy,
owner and developer of Live This Life.

About six years ago I had hit rock bottom in life. I was depressed,
had no job, was overweight and feeling quite sorry for myself.
I needed to make a change in my lifestyle in order to get out of the
rut I was in so I turned to the health and fitness industry.

Since that day I have transformed my life into something special. I now work for myself helping others who are in the same situation I was in those many years ago. Today I find nothing more satisfying than helping others achieve their goals and dreams in life.

My mission with livethislife is to transform bodies, change mindset, create more energy and motivation and give people the knowledge and tools they need to make a positive change and transform thier current lifestyle.