If the marriage breaks up and there are children involved, you may need to hire a child support attorney in Waxahachie.  This professional is the one that will help ensure that the minor children are supported financially until they become adults.  A child support lawyer also works with cases involving custody or guardianship negotiations.   These attorneys work with child advocacy groups or the court system to collect the child support money.  In addition, they may also work with non-monetary terms of the custody arrangements like the terms and rights of visitation.  Other aspects of their job could include:


  • Establishing trust funds, wills, and annuities
  • Set up powers of attorneys to facilitate negotiations
  • Validate terms of wills
  • Validate provisions of estate settlements
  • Determine who has the legal responsibility to provide child support money to the children if there are paternity issues in question
  • Give advice on matters that involve emancipation of minors, surrogacy, or adoption
  • Be consulted if the terms of a guardianship needs alteration
  • Prepare pleadings
  • Negotiate privately with the opposing counsel to reach a settlement out of court


Working as a Waxahachie child support lawyer you may be part of a group of attorneys involved in different areas of family law, have your own private practice, or be part of a partnership.  Most will start out working as a member of a law office that specializes in child support law or family law to gain experience before starting their own practice. 


Depending on the jurisdiction in which a Child support attorney in Ellis County does their deliberations, they may be allowed to represent on one of the parties or both parties that are involved in the case.  In these hearings, the minor children are usually not present during the proceedings. 


Many times a child support attorney will try to resolve these cases through arbitration or mediation in order to prevent a long costly court battle.  In both of these both parties agree to the terms of the issue or issues being discussed without going to court.  Both parties will sign a legal document that states both are in agreement with what is being discussed so they do not have to go to court and face the judge.  Using either of these will help to save both parties time and money.  It is important to a Child custody attorney in Ellis County choose the best solutions to the problems their client faces.


When the court decides that one of the parties owes child support and the order is not followed the child support attorney for the plaintiff, who is the one that filed the suit, will be the one to make every effort to collect the child support payments for them. 

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