Mood swings, trouble with friends, difficulty in coping and anxiety are difficulties that widely exist in adults but what is overlooked is how even children face it. A child while growing up also goes through various emotional and mental changes in school, at home and in its other surroundings. Children often find it difficult to cope with this in certain circumstances. A child who is in a troubled environment where either there are financial difficulties or separated parents feels the effect of these situations which equally affect the child’s mental state. Children often react by being stubborn, not eating or being cranky. These behaviors if exist for a prolonged period of time need expert attention. The team at Pinkymind understands the importance of wellbeing even for a child.

Focusing on Children
Child therapy is one of the new offerings that this successful online mental wellness brand is catering to. Their expertise in counseling for adults has been well received but they are taking a step ahead into being there for children too. Children also face deviations that include ADHD, depression, learning disorders, speech disorders, phobia, and extreme anger. The therapists here use counseling and other techniques depending on what suits the child’s situation the best.

Mental illness is still not given the attention it deserves and when it comes to a child, it is important for the adults around to notice the need for external help. The impact of one’s childhood and adolescence shape one’s adulthood. If a disorder or concern is ignored in a child it will only worsen the situation in later years. The taboo of society should not decide what is best for you and your child. Another challenge is that in situations of mental health even adults fail to completely describe what they are feeling and doing that for a child it is even tougher. It is important to use different techniques and go to a trusted professional to seek help. Bency Xavier is one of the child therapists at Pinkymind. Her sense of building a bond with children and ways of bringing them at ease to communicate ensures best results. The team at Pinkymind consists of counselors, therapists, digital marketers and professionals from various fields with in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with people of different ages and with different concerns.

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